Year-End Mtg Spoilers Review Re-Assessment

It’s just a few more hours before New Year’s Eve and I decided to look back at how my assessment or speculations were with regard to the cards that I talked about in the recent Theros Spoiler season two months ago. Let’s start with:

Year-End Mtg Spoilers Review Re-Assessment

Elspeth, Sun’s Champion: I wouldn’t say that my speculation or prediction of Elspeth, Sun’s Champion is off since I was still right with regard to the number of Elspeths that people put in their decks. Not to mention that I did mention that Elspeth would be most fitting in a control shell or a Mono-White shell deck though the latter was a bit off since we didn’t see her much in action in such a deck. Overall, the restrictive mana-cost was remained the biggest factor that kept her in the bench most of the time if not as a one-of or two-of in a control shell.

Year-End Mtg Spoilers Review Re-Assessment

Scry Spells: The spells that I discussed last time namely; Voyages’ End, Read the Bones, Omenspeaker, Magma Jet and God’s Willing each had their own moment under the sun though none of them really made a big impact towards the current Standard format. The one losing the most here would probably be Voyages’ End with no deck in Standard sporting the bounce spell with the scry function. Of all these spells, the most that’s seeing play would be Magma Jet, and followed by a tie between Omenspeaker and Read the Bones.

Year-End Mtg Spoilers Review Re-Assessment

Stormbreath Dragon: My speculation on this one was perhaps the most accurate of all my previous assessments then again, it’s nothing really spectacular since a lot of people had already seen this good ol’ dragon coming. Stormbreath Dragon has seen play in various red-based decks such as Gruul Monsters, Boros Midrange, Dega Naya Control, and many more and it does what it’s expected to do: Kill players outright.

Year-End Mtg Spoilers Review Re-Assessment

“Again, they’re not the power rangers”

The Pantheon of Theros: Though I was able to highlight Thassa as my favorite God of the set, I never imagined that it would be part of the Mono-Blue Devotion shell that’s been putting positive results in tournaments ever since Pro Tour Theros. My evaluation of Heliod on the other hand would be a miss in a sense that though I ranked him highly in my previous article, he was the only God that didn’t get much attention in the current Standard format. Purphoros saw heavy play at the beginning of the new Standard season but eventually waned thanks as the metagame evolved. As of present, the hype on Purphoros has already died down with only a few Boros decks utilizing him. Was I right regarding my evaluation? Partially because though people initially put him in mono-red decks, the card that really did the heavy lifting in these decks would be Fanatics of Mogis. Though I did encounter a deck which used Purphoros and was soundly defeated by it and yes, I can attest that the two damage it deals whenever a creature enters the battlefield does stack eventually. Nylea lived up to the expectations of people seeing fringe play and nothing more nothing less and I can also say that my speculation regarding Erebos is a miss in a sense that though I wasn’t that impressed with what he can do overall, he sees more play as compared to Nylea and or Heliod which I may have regarded highly in my previous article.

Year-End Mtg Spoilers Review Re-Assessment

Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver: Though he may be one of those planeswalkers that got my attention, the truth is that he didn’t live up to what people expected of him or imagined he could become in the current Standard format. His first ability may show promise followed by his second ability but then again, people just ignore him and go head directly to the opponent’s direction to beat him senseless. However, it is still too early to completely dismiss Ashiok, not with Born of the Gods just around the corner.

Overall, I am happy with my Theros Spoiler Assessment. It’s only a few weeks from now before the Born of the Gods spoiler season begins and I am already excited to see what’s in store for every M:tG player out there!

Year-End Mtg Spoilers Review Re-Assessment

Happy New Year! Lessons Learned…

I am back. After taking the time to greet all the people around me, my pets at home, and some good friends, I went ahead and just went outside for a while to watch some fireworks. I did not really stay outside too long since I was busy finishing this. Furthermore, I am allergic to thick smoke unfortunately. Times like this I miss my girl since we usually take pictures of the fireworks and have a great time together but it’s okay. 🙂

So, where was I? Ah, there. Well, moving forward. It was also during those times that I have been considering playing Cawblade in Magic: The Gathering. At that time, Cawblade was the dominant deck in Standard. The thing was I don’t usually play the best deck. Another was that I did not have a play set of Jace, the Mindsculptor and the thing was, JTMS was essential in the Caw. The (not-so) funny thing was that when I decided to play Cawblade because I was able to obtain a play set of JTMS, the blue planeswalker got the axe along with his artificer buddy, Stoneforge Mystic. In case you are interested about that story, you can check it here. And come to think of it, it was actually my birthday when good ol’ Jace got banned. Some birthday gift I got. Haha. It is okay in a sense that I can’t do anything about it right? The lesson learned after those incidents were to play the cards that you invest on.

Jace The Mind Sculptor Got Banned

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After Jace got the axe, I got discouraged playing the Caw and switched to Splinter Twin. And it was a great experience! I and my girlfriend were able to play well despite using our decks the first time on a tourney at the CQ Academies held in Padis Point, Sky Garden at SM North Edsa. Liz actually made it top four with her RDW while I on the other hand was just a couple of match ups away from getting in the top eight. It was nice regardless. Especially that it was just our first time to play there.

Around April when I was still employed in another contact center, I met up some nice people. One of them was a tattoo artist named Monx. He invited me to get a tattoo myself. I told Liz about it and the next thing we know is that each of us has our own tattoos! Mine was the planeswalker symbol on my nape while Liz’s on the other hand was a combination of Magic: The Gathering past expansions located just behind her shoulders. It was not really painful and Monx was really surprised that the wound healed faster than usual. Unfortunately for Liz, it took the whole one week timeframe that Monx advised her. Frankly, I am interested in getting another one but that would be sometime away.

Unfortunately, we were not able to fly to Singapore around the first week of June to participate in the Magic: The Gathering Grand Prix tourney that was being held there. This was due to the fact that I was still a trainee during those times in the contact center that I applied for. I admit I regret not taking the trip and risking my employment. Not to mention the fact that I eventually got dropped sometime September from the program. Lesson learned: Attend such events and take the risk. Forget about your employment status. It will not make you happy all the time. Such events are rare these days. Do something exciting, something that you don’t normally do in your everyday life.

Airplane Taking Off

Noooooo! Wait for us!

That wraps up the first part of my year 2011 recount.

A Recount of My Experiences Back in Year 2011: Part 1

I had just finished watching game two of round one of an MTGO video starring Brian Kibler using his BR Infect in Good thing that I had an earphone to use since the environment outside has been a wee bit noisy for me to even hear what I am watching. After watching, I decided to take a break for a while and looked at the time. It was just an hour before the turn of the New Year. I’ve been very busy the whole day online that there were no idle moments for me. Imagine, I am playing Backyard Monsters- managing my girlfriend’s account and my account while reading an MTG article in ChannelFireball, reading an article in, texting my girlfriend and talking to my pet chick (more stories of how I got my chick later). At the same time, I was able to finish all the articles that need to be accomplished before I fetch my girlfriend tomorrow from Batangas. She asked for my help in updating some of her blogs.

Actually, I have been having a bit of difficulty collecting my thoughts on how I should start writing an update for my blog. Yeah, I know it’s been a while but unlike my girlfriend who is an active blogger, I tend to write by the mood. However, I don’t plan to end the year without writing something on my blog. Good thing was that I already had an idea of what things to put on the blog. I was inspired by the articles that I read in about people recounting the past year so I thought that would be a nice update. I even had notes saved on my mobile phone.

Perhaps the best way for me to start my story is of course, to share something that was memorable to me at the start of year 2011. Just forgive me if there are no particular dates indicated for each scenario. I just could not remember when they exactly took place. So, I’ll be sharing those memorable events by each quarter. Okay with that?

Damn it’s pretty noisy outside. Hmm, just 15 minutes left? I wonder if I could finish this post in that timeframe. Anyway, the year 2011 started just fine. I remember working for this certain contact center in Makati for almost two years. In those two years, I learned a lot and was determined to work for promotion. Unfortunately, the path (Or should I say climb) up the corporate ladder was not as simple as it appears to be. Especially that I am in the Philippines. Long story short, I was not able to make it and decided to move elsewhere. On the brighter side of that story, I was able to experience how to manage a team. I even learned how to audit some calls and grade them as how quality assurance agents would. Overall, the experience was fine enough but at that time, I thought that it was time to move on.

And 4 minutes to go. I paused writing this blogpost for a while to greet the people a happy new year. 🙂

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!