A Recount of My Experiences Back in Year 2011: Part 2

And I am back. Before anything else, I’d like to sincerely apologize if the previous blog post is cut ungracefully. Unfortunately, I was no longer able to continue writing at that time because I got preoccupied with a lot of things (more on those later). Anyway, there is actually no internet connection as of the moment and I thought that this would be a good time to continue where I left off.

So, where was I last year? Yeah, I intend to finish my recount of last year and add a bit to it. Moving forward, sometime around June I was able to pick up an unusual pet (for some), a toad. It was when I was on buying some filtered water at a water station near our house. I noticed a couple of children making a fuss over something underneath a sidecar’s wheel. I looked into it further and noticed a toad, almost at the verge of being run over by the parked sidecar (For those of you who are not familiar with the term, a sidecar/pedicab is basically a pedal tricycle. Don’t know if I described it right. ) Being the eccentric person that I am when it comes to the choice of pets, felt pity over the poor thing. Good thing some guy picked it up and carried it by the straw rope which was tied to one of the toad’s legs. He scolded the children to stop toying with it. He eventually tied the other end of the straw rope to one of the railings nearby. After picking up the refilled water container, I went ahead and looked at it again. The man noticed me taking interest and asked me if I wanted to take it instead. I nodded my head and the man untied the straw rope and handed over it to me. I happily took it and brought it home. As usual, it caused a commotion at home (Well, only with my late mom) since I brought another (yet again) unusual pet.

Me and my dad placed the toad inside a cage for the time being. FYI: That cage was originally the cage for the hamster pets that we had a year ago. However, I decided to eventually set the toad loose since I was unable to feed the toad properly anyway. The thing was, I set the toad loose at our dirty kitchen. I was confident that it would be able to feed itself there. And I was right. 🙂

Frog in the kitchen


At the same time, it was also around June that we were forced to confine my mom to the hospital. She was diagnosed with cancer and only has a couple of months to live. Unfortunately, the illness was at its later stages and can no longer be cured. We were distraught. But then again, was there any other direction to go but forward? I had to admit that I was not close to my mom or anything but I thought that dying in such a manner was too much. She got out of the hospital around July where she spent her remaining days with us at home. If there was also one painful thought in my mind during those days, it was the pain of the person who was aware of her fate but was still praying to God for hope. That feeling sucked. And the thought made me cry at times. And I hate it. As much as possible, I didn’t want to express such emotions. But well, that is how the world works right?

I couldn’t remember when exactly this event took place but me and my girl’s first meeting with my cousin, Geym’s girlfriend was fantastic. It was a Sunday and me and Liz went to megamall at around seven in the evening. Before meeting up with them, we went up to the convention that was taking place at the mega trade hall area. Good thing Liz has her camera with her and she was able to take a lot of pictures of cosplayers who were wandering around the vicinity. But of all those cosplayers, I could not help notice a girl wearing a pink wig and dressed up like a typical Japanese idol. I asked Liz to take pictures of her since I found her really cute and pretty. I suggested that it would be great if Liz could also blog about the event, particularly the girl who we later realized was cosplaying the Japanese vocaloid, Luka Megurine. Liz also asked for the girl’s name and her email address so she could get in touch with her after she finishes her blog about her. There was also a trio of “domo” girls who we took a picture of. You can check out www.wordyliz.com as well for Liz’s article about the event – Toycon 2011, Angry Bird and a Double Date.

Marty as Luka Megurine

Marty as Luka Megurine