I am currently staying here at a 7/11 convenient store, having coffee. Well, in this case, “was” staying at the 7/11 convenient store next to Raffle’s building where Liz currently works. I had JTMS, the Lenovo netbook, where I am writing this entry right now; while I was waiting for Liz to come down to take her early lunch break. I also had Chandler with me at that time, Liz’s laptop. And yes, we had decided to give our computers their own individual names. I was originally writing this entry at that time but stopped as soon as I wrote the first sentence since Liz already got there.

And I actually forgot why I was there in the first place. Oh, I remember now, I was there because I had to pick up the two computers at Liz’s place. Since I was also near Ortigas where Liz’s office was, I decided to wait for her so we could have dinner together before I went home. When she arrived at 7/11, we went to the KFC branch located just besides Raffle’s building so we could have our one hour date.

After that, I headed straight for home. Good thing that the travel back to my place was smooth enough despite the bad weather. As soon as I got home, I opened chandler so I could start working on some articles which Liz needs to submit to a client that evening. As soon as I finished posting the articles, I emailed the links to Liz and opened up my Facebook account to check on my Backyard Monsters game. Unfortunately, due to some display driver issues, I was not able to manage our accounts conveniently. I informed Liz of the problem and she suggested that I close the other windows to decrease the chances of triggering another display driver problem. As soon as I did what my girlfriend suggested, I was able to manage the Backyard Monster accounts without much problem. She’s so smart! (Or me just being ignorant about techie stuff: p)


backyard monsters: loading….

The downside that evening was that I was not able to get a good night’s sleep literally. I was awake the whole evening up until the next morning that Liz got home to my place to stay for the weekends. Apparently, I still have a hang-over about winning first place in the recent Magic: The Gathering Game Day tournament at Ongkeko’s Hobby Shop the day before. I mean I was not really expecting to get that far let alone be the first place. My primary intention was just to join the tourney because my girlfriend wanted me to play since she won’t be able to play due to her current schedule. Furthermore, we just wanted to have a Game Day foil card. Who would have expected that I’d be the Game Day Champion there?! Unfortunately, I am unable to keep my tournament report but I’ll probably try to write one if I still am able to remember what happened in each round.

M13 Gameday Champion at OHS

Other than that, there were just too many things running in my head that night which contributed to me not being able to sleep at all. It just so happens that the vast majority of my thoughts were about my exciting game day experience.

M13 Game Day at OHS

As of the moment, I am just waiting for Liz to finish some tasks online through Chandler. She’ll be using JTMS shortly. For those of you wondering where we got our computer’s names, the name Chandler, well, was the most remarkable name we could have thought at the time we bought the laptop. We made it a point to think of a name which starts with the letter “C” since the laptop’s brand was Compaq. On the other hand, JTMS ar the initials of Magic: The Gathering’s most popular blue-aligned planeswalker, Jace Beleren, or more commonly known as Jace, The MindSculptor.

Jace, The Mindsculptor

So how come we decided on such a name? For one, JTMS is a blue Lenovo S110 netbook model. Since I was a blue player (someone who prefers playing blue decks in Magic: The Gathering), I wanted a blue netbook. Liz primarily had me choose between the colours red and blue. However, even though I had a bit of inclination towards the color red, I was still a blue player at heart so we settled on the color blue.

MY JTMS. courtesy by: adobotech.blogspot.com

Since the netbook was color blue, we wanted a name which can somehow represent that color and at the same time, be Magic: The Gathering related. And what other name would be most appropriate to give other than the initials of Magic: The Gathering’s most popular, if not strongest, blue planesalker, Jace, The Mindsculptor?

Jace Beleren