Happy Valentines Day Lizzie! <3

Just want to take this opportunity to show how much I love you Liz! I hope you like it!

L-ive with me forever my darling

I-‘ll never let your hand go

E-ven if the worlds be torn asunder

Z-ealous efforts are only for you alone

L-izzie, my one and only

Happy Valentines! I love you!

Happy Valentine's Day Lizzie <3

“I love you”

Happy Valentine's Day Lizzie <3

And since I wanted to also do something M:tG related, I came up with this:

L-eyline of Anticipation for the years to come

Happy Valentine's Day Lizzie <3

I-zzet Charms to you I sincerely offer

Happy Valentine's Day Lizzie <3

E-lectrickery to tickle your fancy and interest

Happy Valentine's Day Lizzie <3

Z-ealous Conscripts to fight for our cause

Happy Valentine's Day Lizzie <3

L-ightning strike the earth below to pave the way for our future

Happy Valentine's Day Lizzie <3

Hope you like this. Love you always!

Happy Valentine's Day Lizzie <3



I had just finished the articles that Liz assigned to me a couple of days ago unfortunately, due to the lack of internet connection; we’re unable to post it on their respective blogs. Apparently, SMART has a network problem since whenever I try to connect online, I keep on getting the following error message:

The connection was terminated by the remote computer blah blah.

And this has been going for almost two days now, meaning two days of no but PAID internet connection. Frankly, I am really disappointed with their service. Lack of internet connection has caused us some serious problems not to mention the fact that this is not a good time to be having no internet access. I just hope SMART could at least extend our unlimited surfing for two more days since I doubt that they have the means to refund the money I paid just to get network connection for 5 days. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’d give us a hard time getting compensated for the trouble and it’s more likely that we’ll hear a ton of the usual corporate apologies their agents are trained to say to frustrated and dissatisfied customers than some satisfactory resolution.

“Oh, we’re sorry for the inconvenience sir. Would you like me to undress for you to compensate for the trouble?”

I’ve been in the customer service industry long enough to know corporate bullshit. Anyway, my apologies for the rant it’s just that the continuous rain has been giving me some trouble. Other than the network problem, Liz was unable to return to my place after meeting up with her younger sister at the Gil Puyat LRT terminal. There was no available transportation so she was forced to go home to her place instead without enough preparation. In fact, she was supposed to bring JTMS with her on her way home after having lunch at my place earlier today. But thanks to the bad weather, there was not much transportation which got Liz stranded in Gil Puyat LRT terminal with no other option but to go home to her place in Pasig instead.

Well, maybe not…

It was not that bad except for the fact that she has my mobile unit with her since she had her SMART sim card inserted in my mobile unit the reason being that her cell phone has some trouble sending messages. And since the SMART broadband can’t even send a text message I had to rely on my younger brother’s mobile unit instead. Good thing my younger brother’s cell phone unit was registered to a globe texting promo which allowed me to keep in touch with Liz. As soon as I was sure that Liz got home safely, I decided to sleep since there was nothing productive to do.

I woke up at around six in the evening and decided to have dinner before opening up Chandler so that I could start working on the articles. Unfortunately, the internet was still fucked up so I just decided to watch some random anime stored in Chandler. Good thing that Liz was able to get the topics of the articles which I needed to work on while she was in the office. As soon as I finished watching, I immediately worked on the articles. I decided to listen to some music as I accomplished the tasks. It was already past midnight when I finished everything but I was not yet tired of listening to one particular song. I am not really sure what the song’s title was but I find it melancholic and nostalgic at the same time. I even wrote the song’s lyrics on my notepad. It was just unfortunate that I was not able to find the more completed song. And the song is in Japanese and it came from the movie 20th Century Boys. It’s one of the best movies I watched so far. I am even planning to write a blog post about it one of these days.

“Keeeenji-kun, asobi mashou!”

 But right now we’re just hoping that we’ll be able to post the finished articles before the deadline without much trouble. I just hope that Liz gets here soon since it’s started to rain real hard again.

image credits: www.ultimoslibros.com, thepinoywanderer.blogspot.com, www.thank-you-mr-president.trailertheater.com

L.I.E.Z.L means LOVE!

A poem for my only beloved Lizzie!


Lovely Girl is My Lizzie


"..More like sexy girl to me."


Intelligent And Very Witty

Sexy Intelligent Chick

"I'll be conducting an examination. Drop your pants."

Energetic And a Child at Heart

Girl Sucking Lollipop

"Aren't you suppose to be energetic?"

Zesty and Close to My Heart


Excited Anime Girl

"Zesty: She just wouldn't stay put."


Leave Me Not For I’ll Leave You Not

Couples in the sunset

"That's a promise!"

image source: sodahead.com, fillin.com,mjv-art.org