Financial Trends: Faerie Rising

It’s just been three days or so when Bitterblossom became legal in Modern and look what’s happened in a short period of time

Financial Trends: Faerie Rising

“THAT Bitterblassam!”

I was planning to sell my extra copy of Bitterblossom but seeing its upward trend as well as the potential of the card’s price increasing more after MTGO gets updated of the latest changes and after PT Valencia and GP Richmond, I decided to hold back for the time being. Though for Bitterblossom’s price to rocket up further there has to be multiple copies of it in the top 8 of any of these big tournaments.

Of course, there’s also the possibility of decks without copies of Bitterblossom to make it to the top 8 instead as oppose to those who utilize the black faerie tribal enchantment due to hate. And the thing is that this is a real possibility because these days, I’ve been seeing and hearing people considering playing burn decks that are good against the blossom player.

As I’ve said in my previous article, Faeries, which will likely become a viable archetype in Modern, may be dominant back in the day but the environment it will face now is purely different. There may be people who believe that unbanning Bitterblossom will be disastrous to the format’s health but then again, we can’t also discount the possibility that it won’t and only time will tell which side is correct.

But based on the trending shown above, one thing is certain; a lot of people are excited in playing the Faerie tribal enchantment. In fact, you’d see conversations in Twitter revolving around Faeries and some who are already testing the archetype.

Financial Trends: Faerie Rising

The pros on the other hand are keeping mum with regard to their plans especially that PT Valencia is just a few weeks away so don’t be surprised if you don’t hear anything from them about the decks that they will be playing in the upcoming PT event. However, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a couple of them play some UB Faeries and B/W tokens which is another archetype that has tremendously gained an upgrade.

Financial Trends: Faerie Rising

“B/W Tokens”

Imagine this scenario:

T1: Land, Thoughtseize/Inquisition of Kozilek

T2: Land, Bitterblossom

T3: Land, Spectral Procession

T4: Land, Intangible Virtue and Blood Artist (or another Intangible Virtue or any 2-3cc spell)

Sure, it’s a nice trip to Christmas land but it’s possible none the less. And how about Abrupt Decay you said? Well, it’s similar to the Doom Blade argument. If your opponent has it, then well and good, but if your opponent doesn’t, or like lost it, thanks to being plucked away by a turn one Thoughtseize or Inquisition of Kozilek, then Bitterblossom will be uncontested and will be a problem and a big one at that.

Another archetype that is likely to return would be Zoo. With the unbanning of Wild Nacatl, true aggro decks will likely make resurgence especially this coming PT Valencia. Would the Bitterblossom decks be able to handle a deck having beefy creatures coming out of the gates as early as turn one?

Financial Trends: Faerie Rising

“THIS is a ZOO”

To sum it all up, Modern will surely be shaken up by these changes. These prices won’t be dropping anytime soon until the first batch of results from MTGO in the Modern format goes online, not to mention that the hype created by the unbanning of the said card is very high. I won’t be surprised if Bitterblossom’s price shoots up to $80 after PT Valencia, especially if multiple copies of the card occupy the top 8.

So, should you buy your own playset of Bitterblossom while it’s sitting at $50 each?

My take on that is unless you will be playing in a Modern tournament soon and or you’re going to invest in the format, you may want to hold off for the meantime and reconsider. Though keep in mind that even if no deck sporting the black tribal faerie enchantment gets in the top 8 of PT Valencia, it’s still unlikely that the hype and price of Bitterblossom will go down anytime soon. There’s still GP Richmond after that and by that time, the decks with the Bitterblossoms may already have adjusted to the new metagame as well as to the hate.

Do take note that these are purely speculations based on the data that I’ve gathered. I am no financial expert when it comes to Magic: The Gathering but the numbers above still say something about what could possibly happen in the near future. Would Bitterblossom take Modern by storm or would it get severely hated to survive the up-coming metagame environment? What do you guys think?

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