The Story Must Go On

Irate Customer - Poor Smart Bro Service

Are you !@#$%^& kidding me?

And it is already 3:43 here and internet is still unavailable. Smart must be having a technical problem since Liz tried to call them earlier to inquire about the situation and she was unable to connect to them. Hey, our internet service just got expired hell like that without us being able to maximize it yesterday past midnight up until earlier this afternoon. Smart would be unreasonable if they won’t be able to at least compensate us for this inconvenience right? On the other hand, this gave me the time and opportunity to finish up what I started before New Year’s Eve. Moving on with my story…

It was almost 9 in the evening when we met with my cousin and his girl. We had our dinner at Tokyo Café We headed back to the Mega Trade Hall area since my cousin wanted to take advantage of the impressive deals that was being offered there for shoes and clothing.

I know. I know. I know. This should have been finished or wrapped up for the past few I don’t know how long it should have been. Oh well. Haha. Pretty preoccupied with a lot of things to be quite honest. Anyway, I remember when the toycon took place and some corrections; it was actually the second time that we met with my cousin and his girl. And it was two days before my birthday last year which would be June 18th. And we had our dinner at the Kebab Factory at that time before going back to the megatrade hall area since my cousin was interested in taking advantage of some good deals available there. Unfortunately, we did not have much luck since it was already closing time. On the brighter side of things my cousin was able to get past through and bought me and my girl an Angry Bird hat, the red one, and something for his girlfriend. We went to Trinoma afterwards and spent the remaining evening at Starbucks talking and joking around. Well, I was the one who was playing around most. You could read the details of the evening here.

Double Date

L-R: Geym, Kath, Liz, Angry Bird

It was around July when we started watching a variety of Kamen Rider series. We first watched Kamen Rider Den-O which we got from my friend Rei. He recommended that it was a good start. Then it was followed by the OVAS, Kamen Rider Kabuto, Kamen Rider Decade and Kamen Rider OOOs. I wouldn’t say I am a fan of the series but I’ve always been interested in the Kamen Rider series. The only one that I was able to watch when I was a kid was Kamen Rider Black which was aired on Channel 13. Unfortunately, they were not able to finish the series on TV so it left me and probably a number of Kamen Rider Black fans hanging. And since we now have access to such series online, I decided to take the opportunity to watch these series to my heart’s content. Great thing that Liz enjoys watching it too!

Kamen Rider Den O - Ore sanjou!

"Ore sanjou!"