Tips On How To Properly Label Envelops

The fact is that not all people are aware of how to properly label envelops and the thing is that it can be troublesome to the post office to send envelops that are not properly labeled. The tips below should be followed if he or she wishes his or her letters to be sent as soon as possible to the right address.

  • Positioning: The envelope should be positioned in a length-wise manner with the front of the envelope where you will be writing is facing you.
  • Return Address: This is important since the post office can always refer to this information in cases where in your letter was not successfully delivered to the recipient. Take note that the return address should be written on the upper left hand corner of the front of the envelope. Take note that this information should occupy at least three lines. The name of the sender, the street address along with the house number and the country, the city and the zip or postal code where the letter should be returned to.
  • Mailing Address: The mailing address on the other hand, should be written on the center of the envelope. Like the return address, it should occupy three spaces; the first space would be the name of the recipient, the second space would be the address of the recipient, the city, while the third should occupy the country, the zip code or postal address of the recipient.

Once you are done, do not forget to put a stamp on the upper-right corner of the envelope. One way to save up costs when using envelops is to get in touch with envelope printing online services.

How To Effectively Clean A Platinum Diamond Ring

All jewelry eventually gets tarnished especially if you do not have any idea how to take care of it. However, the good news is that there is a method that you can follow. There is a way that you can clean your platinum diamond ring that signifies your love to your other half while being able to extend its lifespan.

Step 1: Get a corning ware dish pan and then pour around two cups of water in it. After this, what you do next is to bring the water to a boil. Once it starts boiling, the next thing that you have to do is to put two teaspoons of ammonia and then bring it down to a simmer.

Step 2: Once the water is brought down to a simmer, you can now submerge your ring in it and leave it there for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, you can remove the ring but be careful when doing so. Remember, the ring was submerged in hot water and you might get scalded so it is best that you use a tong to pick it up.

Step 3: Let the ring cool for the time being and then once it has cool down, get a toothbrush that you are not using and then use it to scrub the ring. After you are done scrubbing the ring with the toothbrush, submerge it again in the water for five minutes. After five minutes, you can then remove the ring and then rinse it using clean water.

Always make it a point to clean your diamond platinum rings if you see that it is losing its luster. Remember, it should be a significant item in your relationship so do everything to take extra care of it.