Happy Valentines Day Lizzie! <3

Just want to take this opportunity to show how much I love you Liz! I hope you like it!

L-ive with me forever my darling

I-‘ll never let your hand go

E-ven if the worlds be torn asunder

Z-ealous efforts are only for you alone

L-izzie, my one and only

Happy Valentines! I love you!

Happy Valentine's Day Lizzie <3

“I love you”

Happy Valentine's Day Lizzie <3

And since I wanted to also do something M:tG related, I came up with this:

L-eyline of Anticipation for the years to come

Happy Valentine's Day Lizzie <3

I-zzet Charms to you I sincerely offer

Happy Valentine's Day Lizzie <3

E-lectrickery to tickle your fancy and interest

Happy Valentine's Day Lizzie <3

Z-ealous Conscripts to fight for our cause

Happy Valentine's Day Lizzie <3

L-ightning strike the earth below to pave the way for our future

Happy Valentine's Day Lizzie <3

Hope you like this. Love you always!

Happy Valentine's Day Lizzie <3


Song of Fickle Love

I saw your faint visage in my dream
With that charming smile of yours
Those eyes that reflect my longing eyes
An image torn from heaven’s mural

Looking at your comely face
Nostalgia fills my dull heart
Relieving dead moments in my deceitful mind
I want to hold you again like before

I mutter a silent prayer
That only nameless gods could hear
To grant me another moment
To see your smile and feel your warmth

Do those suple lips
Even speak my name?
Nor remember those few moments
That they touched mine?

The clock’s hands continue to move forward
And your image will remain but an illusion to my weary eyes
For you have flown away with feathered wings
Leaving me with this song of fickle love

A Maddening Music

Listening to this maddening music
I watched the doves fly towards the cerulean sky
What will they find across the endless sky I wonder?
These corroded chains that bind my heart
Will it be set free to love what has been lost in time?

The faces I see around me are blank
But why does the face in the mirror smile at me?
Its eyes are filled with malice and yet tears flow down from it
The music continues to play, it’s lyrics echo in my mind
Will it be remembered forever by this aching heart?

The sun is almost setting in the horizon
And the doves that flew away can no longer be seen
I watch the world’s reflection on the silent and lonely sea
Will this silent prayer reach the heavens?
Will the hope buried in time resurface for it to be claimed?

Listening to this maddening music
I watched the doves fly towards the crimson skies
The horizon continues to entice those doves
My heart remains chained by the unforgiving past
A lost soul that will forever wander throughout the end of time

The Week That Was…Once Again…

It has been quite some time since Liz and I last watched anime. For the past few weeks we’ve been watching Meitantei Conan, or more popularly known locally as Detective Conan. But since we got busy with a lot of important tasks, we had to cut on the anime marathons. Not to mention the fact that we got a lot of pending activities that needs to be given attention such as competing in Magic: The Gathering tournaments and watching movies. It’s been so long since we last played in an actual tournament together and I really miss playing in tourneys. Sadly, I haven’t been able to construct a tourney competitive deck since Liz and I are mainly focused on completing her deck.

The good news is that her deck’s latest iteration is almost complete except for a few deck pieces which we’ll probably try to obtain before this week ends. In this way, Liz would be able to start playing again while I, on the other hand, would probably have to settle with the cards that I have at home. Plus, some printed proxies to create a gauntlet for play testing purposes.

The Week That Was...Once Again...

“My deck needs someone like her. “

In fact I am still deciding on what to play. I am considering playing either Midrange Jund or URW Flash/Tempo or whatever they call it. Jund because most of the deck pieces I have at home are available except for three Liliana of the Veil and my own playset of Stomping Grounds. Furthermore, I used to play a Jund deck during Alara Block going Zendikar. Though today’s Jund is non-comparable to the original Jund or to the Modern format’s Jund, Midrange Jund is something I find interesting and fun to play.

The Week That Was...Once Again...

“Alara block Jund core pieces”

On the other hand, the reason I wanted to play URW (Blue, Red, and White) Flash is because well, I am a blue mage after all. But other than that, I like URW because I think it will suit my playing style. It may not be comparable to the UW (Blue White) Delver I recently played pre-rotation but it still has some of the things that I love in a UW deck such as Restoration Angel, Snapcaster Mages and a couple of permission spells. There’s also the tide-turning Sphinx’s Revelation as well as the combat savvy Boros Reckoner. Though I haven’t tried playing that kind of deck as compared to Midrange Jund, I am pretty sure I’ll enjoy playing URW Flash. But right now, I don’t think I have the luxury to focus on completing my deck.

The Week That Was...Once Again...

“URW Flash”

Setting aside MTG, I actually got ill around Wednesday last week probably due to the sudden change of weather, plus the stress of having to deal with a number of things at home. I’ve been sleeping late these days but the good thing though is that I still get up around noon. I am still thankful that I am still able to keep my sleeping pattern “decent”. Sadly, during the time that I was sick, I wasn’t able to work on any articles or give feedback to any of the writers in the Writers’ Guild in Otakustreamers.com, a group that I, along with another member established for those who aim to become a good writer. In fact, I got so many things on my plate these days that I haven’t submitted at least the first chapter of the story that a good friend of mine and I thought of, even though we already know what to put in the first ten chapters as well as the main outline of the plot.

The Week That Was...Once Again...

“The Writers’ Guild is a group that aims to help aspiring writers with all kinds of problems every writer faces.”

Just thinking about the things which needs to be done gets me anxious and stressed. But I am hoping to accomplish them at least this March. Since I was too lethargic to even do anything productive last week, thanks to me being sick, I decided to just stream some random anime. I remembered that I haven’t watched the final episode of Macross Frontier because the copy that we have at home at that time didn’t have a functioning last episode. After I was done with the last episode, I decided to check another one: Durarara. The premise of the story starts with a young boy, Mikado Ryugamine who desires to have an exciting life. He moved to Ikebukuro, being invited by his childhood friend Masaomi Kida to attend the same school that he attends. Here, the main protagonist encounters a local legend “Black Rider”, someone who rides his motorbike like it was a horse and has rumors of having no head.

The Week That Was...Once Again...


I tried watching at least three episodes while checking another anime at the same time entitled Shiki. However, in the end, Shiki won out and I closed the already loaded episode three of Durarara and just watched Shiki moving forward. And I can say that Shiki is one of the best horror, occult and mystery anime that I was able to watch. I’ll probably be writing a review of the said anime sometime soon. But for the meantime, I’ll leave it with the above impression. As of the moment, I am feeling much better and have accomplished the online tasks which I was assigned to do. Though the previous week almost massacred me in a number of ways, this week so far is proving better. I just hope that things will become better than worse in the following days to come.

The Week That Was...Once Again...


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A Memorable Party for the Otaku in Me

It was around 9:00 in the morning when me and Liz got up and we knew that we won’t make it in time since the meeting time was around 11am to 12pm in Mall of Asia. Unfortunately, we’ve been so busy with a lot of our personal and professional affairs the week before that we didn’t have the opportunity to prepare that much for the Otakustreamers.com Christmas Party which was scheduled on December 16, 2012.

A Memorable Party for the Otaku in Me

So what we did is that we compressed those activities past midnight of December 15th, which was already technically the 16th. It took us like a couple of hours shopping for gifts and when we got home, we also took the opportunity to schedule a massage session in Sparenity, which was a recently-established massage parlor here where I live. I think it was around 2:30 when or so when we finished? Or was it 3:00? Anyway, when everything was said and done, we had some midnight Lucky Me pancit canton meal which we occasionally do.

A Memorable Party for the Otaku in Me

“A nice midnight snack. Go treat yourself. NOW.”

As Liz was busy wrapping up the gifts, I was preoccupied sorting out our Magic: The Gathering cards. It’s been two months or so since we last participated in a tournament and we plan on being active again hopefully this coming January. It was almost 6:00 in the morning when we finished with what we were doing and I was already worried if we’ll be able to get up as early as 8:00 though we doubt that.  Moving forward, the next morning,  we decided to stop over at SM San Lazaro to pick up some food for our share in the Christmas Party because apparently, PMG or Pinoy Masters Grill, which was suppose to be the establishment where we were planning to get our food was closed during Sundays. So instead, we were left with the option of getting twelve pieces of Red Ribbon’s buttered mamon which by the way is a favorite of mine. Right after getting the goodies we immediately took off and hailed a cab.

A Memorable Party for the Otaku in Me

“Yum Yum…”

We’re lucky that the cab was fast enough to get us to our destination, not to mention that there wasn’t much traffic, probably because it was a Sunday morning. While on our way, we decided to call Jeiru01 or May, who was one of the Otakustreamers.com Christmas Party organizers as well as an Otakustreamers.com moderator, to ask her if we can still make it or just go directly to CCP instead. The good news was that we can still make it because they are still waiting for some more people. The bad news was that there are already a couple of them there waiting and knowing that didn’t quite sit well with me. But it can’t be helped and I admit my shortcomings on this. Before arriving there, I decided to wear my Firmo sunglasses which me and Liz got as payment from one of our clients who ordered a product review of it. It was a bit sunny that morning and I thought that wearing it would complement my outfit which was a white polo shirt which has a bit of a long sleeves that can be folded up to the elbows. But then again, it was primarily to hide any physical signs on my face that I lacked sleep real bad.

A Memorable Party for the Otaku in Me

“No. Not this kind of glasses.”

It was almost noon when we got there and good thing that we didn’t have to look for the rendezvous point since the cab dropped us off somewhere near. It took a while before we got to meet the gang waiting just outside the Starbucks Coffee Shop located along Pacific Drive and Ocean Drive Mall of Asia first level inside the main mall.

A Memorable Party for the Otaku in Me

“Rendezvous Point: Starbucks at Mall of Asia”

When we entered the premises, we saw a moderate-size group of teens hanging out just outside the establishment and though we already had our suspicions that they may be the people we’re suppose to meet, I decided to text again. One of them, a petite young girl with fair complexion having bun-tied hair, wearing a light blue shirt with leopard patterned sleeves and collar complemented by a pair of jeans walked away from the group and took a peek outside the main entrance while checking her phone. Seeing this, my suspicions were confirmed and I decided to approach the girl “Jeiru?” I asked and when she turned to face me, I extended my hands for a polite handshake and went back to the group. I introduced my girlfriend Liz to her while she introduced the other moderator and organizer of the Christmas Party, Robin, though known in OtakuStreamers.com as Kobowo. We also got acquainted with Aila who was also another Christmas Party organizer and if I am not mistaken, she was the one who gave me and Liz our OS stickers. Though at the time this entry was finished, she said otherwise but sadly, I can’t remember who.

A Memorable Party for the Otaku in Me

“Yes. They seem to be plotting something sinister. And that’s their boss. The Blue one.”

Afterwards, I took this opportunity to excuse myself to go to the washroom so I could relieve and fix myself. At the same time, Zura, who was also another Otakustreamers.com member, contacted me through my mobile asking me if it was okay for him to give my number to Lance, another Otakustreamers.com member although at that time, I only knew him in his username which was Reivacks. I gave him the go signal and later on, Lance was calling me up but since I didn’t have any idea of where we will be specifically having our picnic in the Cultural Center of the Philippines or CCP, I had Robin talk to him instead. Had to admit that we had a bit of difficulty carrying our luggage since Liz had her DLSR with her, plus we’re carrying not just our gifts for the other OS members but as well as the gifts for the next Christmas party she will be attending that day. Not to mention the food contribution that we also have and our personal things. Though a female member named Menisa, was nice enough to offer assistance, we humbly refused it since it would be too much of a trouble for her. The good thing was that an Otakustreamers.com member, Untoldlegend, the tallest of the group, sorry, I forgot his real name, had his car with him and the ladies were offered the opportunity to ride with him. At the same time, he also offered to have our things, the gifts and the food contributions be placed on his car for the time being which everyone gladly obliged.

A Memorable Party for the Otaku in Me

“Yes, we’re carrying a lot. Well, maybe not as much as this.”

After Untoldlegend had left with the ladies, we, the guys, decided to ride the public transportation available in MOA which was en route to CCP. Not sure what time we got to the location. The place where the group has decided to hold the picnic is not actually within the CCP structure but rather, in the CCP open grounds which were located just across the street. It was a wide area place having many trees as well as cemented ground.

A Memorable Party for the Otaku in Me

“Yes.that’s me. The one the guys are holding,”

And in my opinion, it is one of those places where it’s good to have a picnic. However, dark clouds seem to gather above us and we’re having a feeling that it’s going to rain later on. They laid out a big black platform which I am unsure what is made of and put the foods and the gifts on it which we later dubbed as our “offering to the gods” of the woods which they played around with. We took a picture of another member, Dejavu, standing with both his hands extended away from him as if he was accepting the offerings in front of him.

A Memorable Party for the Otaku in Me

“The Offerings to the Woodland Deity”

Afterwards, Aila and Robin decided to start with the introductions. At first everyone was hesitant to go up first but later on, they introduced themselves by sharing how long have they been members in the forum, as well as their usernames and the color of their usernames and titles that they are known for, one by one and I admit, I wasn’t able to catch everything. Liz was actually surprised that a member by the username, Mlcdl or Lester, found her familiar and as one of the Otakustreamers.com donators or OS VIP.

A Memorable Party for the Otaku in Me

“Are you kidding me? This notebook says otherwise!”

After the introductions, Robin and Aila went ahead with starting the first game of the day which was the OS bingo game. The instructions were simple; we go and have the other members write their usernames on the space provided on the papers that we were given. Just imagine a piece of clean bond paper having eight boxes and an “X” mark at the center. Once we’re done, Aila drew out pieces of papers with the members name on it and then whoever got the names written on their papers, then they mark it. Once they get to fill out everything, they win the game. During these moments, Robin was busy giving Reivacks directions on how to get to us through my mobile so he wasn’t able to join us as far as I remember.

A Memorable Party for the Otaku in Me

“The victor of the bingo game is the girl at the center. Yeah. Her.”

And the funny thing was that Liz won the game so she gets the privilege of choosing one of the “offerings” to keep for her own. Two other members won next though I no longer remember who they were. Liz winning was very timely because it was already 2 in the afternoon at that time and she already needed to leave since she has another Christmas party to attend to in SM Megamall. Though this time, it’s their company’s Christmas party. Furthermore, it was also at that time that rain started to fall so the group had no choice but to pack up their things and find shelter. Not sure though if Lance was able to make it in the Bingo game or what but anyway, he did make it before the rain so he probably made it in the game. I immediately took out my umbrella and accompanied Liz in getting a cab. Afterwards, I followed the rest of the group to shelter ourselves from the rain under the waiting shed of a Max Fried Chicken restaurant before moving next to a Kentucky Fried Chicken establishment which was close by. Thanks to the downpour, we weren’t able to enjoy the foods that we brought along with us so we were forced to have lunch in KFC instead. Though it wasn’t much of a bad idea, it kinda spoiled the mood of the group in having a fun picnic.

A Memorable Party for the Otaku in Me

“The Gang.”

We stayed at KFC for the time being while we waited for the rain to halt while devouring the Creepy Crème, err, I mean, the Krispy Kreme donuts that the other members brought. At that time, we were joking around that whoever gets the colorful donut should be a clear indication that he is part of the Federation Army if you know what I mean.

A Memorable Party for the Otaku in Me

“So, who’s going to pick the multi-colored one?”

I think it was around three in the afternoon when the rain finally stopped or at least lessened. Sadly, Ishimaru Shun had to leave at that time and though he left early, as well as Liz, they were replaced by two new members who arrived, Debie and her younger sister, Kristine, Freykens and Petal respectively. We went out of the fast food chain and headed back to where we were supposed to stay before it rained. While on the way back, we took a peek at the bay area and looked at the nice view as well as the yachts anchored in the bay and the vast the body of water was from where we were standing. Looking at the vast horizon was a bit of a breath-taking moment for me.

A Memorable Party for the Otaku in Me

“..Yeah. Minus the sun. Thanks to the dark clouds. Sheesh.”

However, it started to pour again and seeing that the two new comers, Freykens and Petal don’t have anything to cover themselves with, I lent them my umbrella instead and I decided to use my black jacket to keep myself from getting wet. The good thing was that the Max restaurant was not far away from where we are so we decided to take shelter there again. This time, Aila and Robin were already considering of postponing the event and rescheduling it to some other date because of the unfavorable weather. Though everyone agreed to have it rescheduled, the good thing was that the time we took discussing it was enough time for the down pour to stop and this time, it seems that the rain has finally stopped for good. Before going on our way, I politely took my umbrella from the two ladies just to make sure that I’ll have something to use when the day ends, in case it rains again.

A Memorable Party for the Otaku in Me

“This commercial break is brought to you by….”

As soon as we got back to where we started, one of the members, Ninjen, bid farewell next. His school was requiring them to watch this certain play and as much as we wanted him to stay, he declined. I was even joking about taking his wallet before setting him off just so he wouldn’t go. Which reminds me, there was also another member, Pontil was his username, who was supposed to go home at that time but me and Aila convinced him to stay up until five o’clock? Or so we said. Anyway, that will be for later. Going back, ah, there, Aila and Robin started to organize the second game of the day which was locally called Dr.quack quack or the Duck game. The premise of the game is that a group of people would form a circle and hold hands together and try to entwine themselves in whatever way they can. At the same time, while they are doing this, a second group of individuals will have to turn their back so they wouldn’t see how it was done and once the first group is done entwining themselves; the second group would have to disassemble the first group.

A Memorable Party for the Otaku in Me

“So, where’s the duck in this game?”

Everyone enjoyed playing the game and once we were done with it, we took a short break while the organizers were thinking of what to do next. At that time, I was wondering where the nearest washroom could be so I had to ask Robin where it was. He instructed me that there is a building at the far eastern side end of the road from where we were and to go straight inside until I see a stage and to make a left turn where there was a signboard with the words “Ginoo” or “Gents”. So I went there and he was right. There was a building called “Bantayog ng Panginoon” or The Statue of the Lord is what Google translate gave as a translation though it kind of seems off since it was a structure and not a statue. Nevertheless, when I got back, they were already discussing about a skit that we are suppose to do at that time. Leonx2, or Lester was assigned by Rob and Aila, to be the one to choreograph the dance number for team two which consists of me, Bloody Envy or Teren, Freykens, Menisa, Dejavu, Jason, and err, I forgot the rest. Gomen nasai. On the other hand, the second group which was led by Aila, was assigned to choreograph the Pokemon theme. Their team called Team Mang, consists of Meagan or Vectorplate, Untoldlegend, Mlcdl or Lester, Kurtherror, Pontil, Petal and three more that I am not that familiar with.

Apparently, our team called Teamba, was well, so “motivated” if I may say so, to perform the whole dance steps that’s why we ended up dancing only up to one minute or so while the other team was able to complete their performance. Afterwards, I thought of needing to fix myself so I decided to go back to the “Bantayog” and at the same time, some of the other members were also asking where they can relieve themselves so I had them come with me to where I was headed. Once we got there, we we’re joking about the place and after getting back, we were like asking them if they were interested to go to the “Bantayog ng Panginoon” and the rest were just raising their eyebrows looking dumbfounded at what we were talking about. At the strike of five in the afternoon, Pontil went home next since that was the initial agreement with Aila although we were tempted to try to convince him to stay for a few more hours.

It was already evening at that time and it didn’t take long before Leonx2 or Lester introduced a new game which they didn’t reveal until the actual game. At first they were looking for volunteers who would gladly demonstrate how the game was played at the same time asking the questions; Girl to girl, Boy to Girl or Boy to Boy. However, no one was willing to stand up thinking that it may be some evil ploy of some sort. Then I saw them, him and Moderator Robin holding this box of Pocky and for a moment, I had an idea of what the game was all about plus based on their question and I can’t help myself laugh at the thought. A few moments later, a few members volunteered and the game was then demonstrated. The premise of the game is that two people, in this case, two guys would put the same Pocky cracker inside their mouth, one guy for each end. If you don’t have an idea what a Pocky is, then think of Pretzels. Then imagine that one end is bitten by another person the same as with the opposite end and they have to gradually eat through it so basically, if they’re not fast enough or careful enough, then yes, that is correct Watson, they will end up kissing each other. Yes. Boys will end up kissing each other. It is basically a Yaoi-kind of game and just Google the term Yaoi if you’re not familiar with it. And no, don’t ask me why they thought of doing such things. I don’t have any idea as well.

A Memorable Party for the Otaku in Me

“Pocky = Yaoi”

Until eventually I decided to volunteer to join in the fun with me and Moderator Rob being the contestants for this devious game. Long story short, I am not sure what happened but somehow, I think I kinda pulled back just in time before our lips touched. Anyway, I ended up getting a Pocky as prize, probably for my active participation and from then on, some of the other members have become more motivated. Not sure why but maybe because of the prize. I mean, hey, if you see the organizers holding a plastic filled with boxes of Pockys wouldn’t you think twice of playing a game or two? Especially if you’re likely getting one box for FREE and you just have to be well, courageous in participating right? Of course, unpleasant accidents happen but it’s not like you lost your virginity right? Well, maybe your lips’ virginity but otherwise, you still have your dignity intact. Haha.

A Memorable Party for the Otaku in Me

“This shampoo commercial is brought to you by,…”

After a few moments, we rallied the guys to try to convince the girls to do a Yuri in turn, basically, participate in the same game but this time, it would only be girls to girls. And we got our eyes on Aila and I think it was Meagan? Anyway, she was refusing to join in the fun and we were all like telling her that she was a kill joy and so on. Then Aila asked us guys to do it first and I took a Pocky stick out of the box that leon2 was holding and told her that if I did it, she should be sure to do it after. Sadly, she refused and the guys and I let out our sigh of disappointment. It could have been interesting. So much for our anticipation though.

A Memorable Party for the Otaku in Me

“Not happening.”

We were supposed to play some Cops and Robbers game but sadly, they didn’t push through since the group was already exhausted and hungry. Shucks. I missed playing that game! So, we decided to have some much needed nourishment. Pizzas, Pancit Palabok and some what was it again, I forgot what’s that food called oh, puto and some orange juice for the evening. And since we’re already having our evening meal it’s unlikely that we’ll be going for any more games. We spent the remaining time together by chatting about anything under the sun, or in this case, under the moon except that the moon’s not visible at that time due to the thick clouds in the sky. Before long, we cleaned up and had our exchange gift. I got a power card load from Aila which I am thankful for and I appreciate since it can come to good use if in case I find myself in Timezone one of these days. Liz on the other hand got her share as well from Jason. She got a neat small bag and a white cap.

A Memorable Party for the Otaku in Me

“I now have the power!!!”

When we were done exchanging gifts, people decided that it was time to end the evening so everyone went to Untoldlegend’s car to get their personal stuff. However, they didn’t want to end the day without taking some nice group pictures and since the lighting was not that favorable in where we were, we decided to cross the street and get our pictures taken in a brighter area. Sadly, the light was still insufficient so the photos we had were not that clear and unfortunately, there were no other closer place for us to go to anymore to take better pictures. After bidding farewell to Robin and May and the others who decided to head back to Mall of Asia, me, along with Aila, Lance or Reivacks, Freykens, Petal, Bloody Envy, and the rest of the gang took a ride heading back to Vito Cruz LRT station. Once we got there, the group split up into two; those taking the LRT but are headed to Edsa and the next group consisting of me, Aila, Freykens, Petal, Mlcdl, and Bloody Envy, heading the opposite way with Mlcdl being the first to drop off, followed by Aila and Teren then me. Freykens and her sister Petal, on the other hand are the last since their drop off was still at Roosevelt, which was the last station on the other side of the LRT terminal.

I already got home around eight in the evening or so if I am not mistaken and since I was no longer feeling that well, thanks to my bad colds, exhaustion and lack of sleep during the last few days, I decided to take some medicine right away and sleep for the day. But overall, it was still a fun and memorable experience. It has been a while since I had that much fun especially that I’ve been preoccupied with a lot of things during the last few months. It’s just unfortunate that Liz was unable to stay longer. I am sure she’d also enjoy it as much as I did, not to mention the games and the food. Its 1:29 in the morning right now as I wrap up this entry and I am just listening to some classic Uchuu Keiji music and it’s a bit cold due to the rain. After this, I’ll be having my dinner and yes, you read that right. Thanks to my US-time zone sleeping pattern, I usually have my dinner around this time or a bit earlier. Well, I think that’s all for this entry. I’ll be getting back with more entries in a day or two about how my year went. Well, hopefully, I can get it finished before the year ends. For the meantime, have a nice day!

A Memorable Party for the Otaku in Me

“Till next time…”

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Lizzie Dee
Jason Guillermo
Kristine Orcine Juan
123.rf.com – alarm clock
afodltd.com – lucky me



It is already 5:31 in the morning and the rain has not stopped one bit. It is not looking good outside. The water is slowly rising. Furthermore, water was slowly seeping out of the shower room’s drainage where it normally does not happen. It only means that the sewage system has seriously gotten flooded. Not a good sign. The truth was that the weather has been like this for almost a week. I can’t really remember when exactly but it has been raining non-stop with literally just a few moments of sunlight passing through before raining again big time.

courtesy of: http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com

And just as I am writing this particular entry, the rain just suddenly poured down again real hard. The rain did lessened a while ago but then again, it was only for a short while before it poured real badly again. If it continues like this for another day or two and I mean, literally raining for a whole 24-48 hour, it won’t be long before this place becomes part of the Pacific Ocean. Okay, maybe I am exaggerating. The North Bay in this place’s case…Other parts of city have all but become flooded and it is just a matter of time…So much for my plans to play at Titan Libis’ Game Day event later tonight. Not that it would matter if the aforementioned statements came true.

For the meantime, I’ll probably go outside to buy some freshly-baked bread, probably trudging on the flooded streets, while keeping the big raindrops off my head with my umbrella.

courtesy of: turningboholano.blogspot.com

Ode to LZD: The Things That I Love About LZD

I love the way Lizzie’s Face contorts when she’s upset

I love the way Lizzie’s eyes brighten up when she’s happy

I love the way Lizzie shouts when she’s surprised

I love the way Lizzie cries when she’s watching some drama

I love the way Lizzie hugs me when I am sound asleep

I love the way Lizzie frowns when she’s mad

I love the way Lizzie laughs when she’s jolly

I love the look on Lizzie’s face when she’s playing Magic: The Gathering

I love how Lizzie studies Japanese like it was Math

I love the way Lizzie clams up when she’s sad

I love the way Lizzie struggles when I am tickling her

I love her determination and diligence when it comes to work

I love the way Lizzie hides snacks that I keep her from eating

I love how her eyes stare at mine, filled with love

I love the way Lizzie giggles after hearing some good news

But what I like the most is how she wouldn’t be the Lizzie I love

Without the things that I love about her

A Recount of My Experiences Back in Year 2011: Part 2

And I am back. Before anything else, I’d like to sincerely apologize if the previous blog post is cut ungracefully. Unfortunately, I was no longer able to continue writing at that time because I got preoccupied with a lot of things (more on those later). Anyway, there is actually no internet connection as of the moment and I thought that this would be a good time to continue where I left off.

So, where was I last year? Yeah, I intend to finish my recount of last year and add a bit to it. Moving forward, sometime around June I was able to pick up an unusual pet (for some), a toad. It was when I was on buying some filtered water at a water station near our house. I noticed a couple of children making a fuss over something underneath a sidecar’s wheel. I looked into it further and noticed a toad, almost at the verge of being run over by the parked sidecar (For those of you who are not familiar with the term, a sidecar/pedicab is basically a pedal tricycle. Don’t know if I described it right. ) Being the eccentric person that I am when it comes to the choice of pets, felt pity over the poor thing. Good thing some guy picked it up and carried it by the straw rope which was tied to one of the toad’s legs. He scolded the children to stop toying with it. He eventually tied the other end of the straw rope to one of the railings nearby. After picking up the refilled water container, I went ahead and looked at it again. The man noticed me taking interest and asked me if I wanted to take it instead. I nodded my head and the man untied the straw rope and handed over it to me. I happily took it and brought it home. As usual, it caused a commotion at home (Well, only with my late mom) since I brought another (yet again) unusual pet.

Me and my dad placed the toad inside a cage for the time being. FYI: That cage was originally the cage for the hamster pets that we had a year ago. However, I decided to eventually set the toad loose since I was unable to feed the toad properly anyway. The thing was, I set the toad loose at our dirty kitchen. I was confident that it would be able to feed itself there. And I was right. 🙂

Frog in the kitchen


At the same time, it was also around June that we were forced to confine my mom to the hospital. She was diagnosed with cancer and only has a couple of months to live. Unfortunately, the illness was at its later stages and can no longer be cured. We were distraught. But then again, was there any other direction to go but forward? I had to admit that I was not close to my mom or anything but I thought that dying in such a manner was too much. She got out of the hospital around July where she spent her remaining days with us at home. If there was also one painful thought in my mind during those days, it was the pain of the person who was aware of her fate but was still praying to God for hope. That feeling sucked. And the thought made me cry at times. And I hate it. As much as possible, I didn’t want to express such emotions. But well, that is how the world works right?

I couldn’t remember when exactly this event took place but me and my girl’s first meeting with my cousin, Geym’s girlfriend was fantastic. It was a Sunday and me and Liz went to megamall at around seven in the evening. Before meeting up with them, we went up to the convention that was taking place at the mega trade hall area. Good thing Liz has her camera with her and she was able to take a lot of pictures of cosplayers who were wandering around the vicinity. But of all those cosplayers, I could not help notice a girl wearing a pink wig and dressed up like a typical Japanese idol. I asked Liz to take pictures of her since I found her really cute and pretty. I suggested that it would be great if Liz could also blog about the event, particularly the girl who we later realized was cosplaying the Japanese vocaloid, Luka Megurine. Liz also asked for the girl’s name and her email address so she could get in touch with her after she finishes her blog about her. There was also a trio of “domo” girls who we took a picture of. You can check out www.wordyliz.com as well for Liz’s article about the event – Toycon 2011, Angry Bird and a Double Date.

Marty as Luka Megurine

Marty as Luka Megurine

09/11/11: What is Forgiveness?

It was the 11th of September and at around 3:00 in the afternoon when me and my girl decided to go to church. Though I admit I am not one as pious as of those out there, I still do know how to give thanks for the blessings which I receive on a daily basis. Normally, I am not one as to share any of my everyday experiences to anyone at random, but that date became a bit memorable in a way. Not because it is the nth anniversary of “The bombing of the Twin Towers” or whatever people refer it to, but rather, because for the very first time in my life, no church experience has left such a bitter taste to me.

But before I even go the juicy part of the experience, I would like to say something to those who would be reading this in the future; “This is just an opinion and should not be taken offensively by anyone”. This remark actually came from a professional Magic: The Gathering player and since it fits perfectly to today’s story, I have decided to use it. 🙂

Moving forward, I don’t know what’s with that day but things seem to be pretty chaotic in the church mass. But for some reason, the choir seems sleepy and obviously out of tune. I do understand that they may be exhausted from practice or just simply nervous but I just can’t help but take notice the way they sang the opening song. It is as if the choir members are not themselves. And I am pretty sure that the priest who preceded that mass would surely agree with my observation.

But that’s not much of a big deal really. Things like these do happen and it may just be a coincidence that I was there at that time to observe it. Another thing would be the group of people sitting at the next row behind us. For some reason, they keep on shoving and shoving our bench away from them causing me and my girl to find ourselves in an uncomfortable tight space. Imagine you’re standing and your chair gets to be pushed forward causing you to move a bit forward. And since there is another chair in front of you, you’ll end up being on a tight spot since it is not like you can just move the chair in front of you so you can have sufficient space for yourself. Now, now, I don’t usually take this into heart but the people at the back just kept on pushing us over and over and you’ll come to the point that you can no longer ignore it. But since we’re in the church, I kept myself from having to look behind me and glare at those people and tell them to behave or something.


And if that was annoying enough for me, what took the cake was an elderly lady deliberately asking me if she can go first in line for the communion. I know that the gospel was all about forgiving people and forgetting but does that excuses people in general to take advantage of such a holy ceremony? Or hallowed place to begin with? Of course, with all due respect to the church, I just smiled and turned to my girl who was just behind me at that time and said “Forgiveness” with a sarcastic tone and smirk on my face. People asking me for small things don’t really bother me that much under normal circumstances but what happened back then was not just about the request but rather a “clean” way of taking advantage of people which for me is just totally unacceptable. That person did not dare ask those who are ahead of me first and asked me instead if she could go first in the line because she clearly wanted to take advantage of her status and at the same time, the locale which was what annoyed me the most.

Whenever I think of the gospel last Sunday, I always wonder if priests, holymen, clergymen could simply walk up to those who have become victims of the Twin Tower Bombing and tell them to forgive those who have killed their loved ones. And at the same time, expect compliance from those who have lost their loved ones. Frankly, forgiving people may sound easy but I don’t think that a person, for example, who’s a victim of having his wife murdered, his daughters raped and so forth would agree with it. Even if it is not an easy thing to do, I really wonder if most people in this world would be able to apply such teachings just like that in their daily lives when the wrong doings are far grave around us.

Before going home, me and my girl decided to stop over at a nearby convenience store and while heading there, I happened to read this print at the back of a car’s mirror saying “Forgiving others is being kind to yourself.” I looked at my girlfriend and smiled and said “Fine. I got the message.”