Advise In Keeping Your Computer Safe From Online Threats

Business owners need to be vigilant when it comes to keeping their computer network safe from online threats. Keep the following tips in mind:

Enforce A Policy To Strengthen Passwords: One reason why some hackers are able to easily infiltrate company files and accounts is due to weak passwords. One way to strengthen an account or file’s password is to make sure that the password is alphanumeric and contains at least 8-14 characters. This should also be words that not all people could possibly think so. By encouraging the employees to create alphanumeric passwords they are able to increase computer security.

Limit Employee Surfing Capabilities: Employees might not be happy about it but then again, limiting and filtering the websites that are accessible to them lessens the chances of company information being compromised. The best work around though is to forbid access to websites such as gambling, adult and games because these are the sites that often have online threats lying about.

Collect Information That Is Only Necessary: In order for the security of your client to not be put into compromised in cases of security breaches, make sure that you should only collect relevant information about them. Also, use encryption technology when it comes to setting up passwords. Also using ESET Endpoint Security and similar software can increase your system’s security.