Happy Valentines Day Lizzie! <3

Just want to take this opportunity to show how much I love you Liz! I hope you like it!

L-ive with me forever my darling

I-‘ll never let your hand go

E-ven if the worlds be torn asunder

Z-ealous efforts are only for you alone

L-izzie, my one and only

Happy Valentines! I love you!

Happy Valentine's Day Lizzie <3

“I love you”

Happy Valentine's Day Lizzie <3

And since I wanted to also do something M:tG related, I came up with this:

L-eyline of Anticipation for the years to come

Happy Valentine's Day Lizzie <3

I-zzet Charms to you I sincerely offer

Happy Valentine's Day Lizzie <3

E-lectrickery to tickle your fancy and interest

Happy Valentine's Day Lizzie <3

Z-ealous Conscripts to fight for our cause

Happy Valentine's Day Lizzie <3

L-ightning strike the earth below to pave the way for our future

Happy Valentine's Day Lizzie <3

Hope you like this. Love you always!

Happy Valentine's Day Lizzie <3


Song of Fickle Love

I saw your faint visage in my dream
With that charming smile of yours
Those eyes that reflect my longing eyes
An image torn from heaven’s mural

Looking at your comely face
Nostalgia fills my dull heart
Relieving dead moments in my deceitful mind
I want to hold you again like before

I mutter a silent prayer
That only nameless gods could hear
To grant me another moment
To see your smile and feel your warmth

Do those suple lips
Even speak my name?
Nor remember those few moments
That they touched mine?

The clock’s hands continue to move forward
And your image will remain but an illusion to my weary eyes
For you have flown away with feathered wings
Leaving me with this song of fickle love

L.I.E.Z.L means LOVE!

A poem for my only beloved Lizzie!


Lovely Girl is My Lizzie


"..More like sexy girl to me."


Intelligent And Very Witty

Sexy Intelligent Chick

"I'll be conducting an examination. Drop your pants."

Energetic And a Child at Heart

Girl Sucking Lollipop

"Aren't you suppose to be energetic?"

Zesty and Close to My Heart


Excited Anime Girl

"Zesty: She just wouldn't stay put."


Leave Me Not For I’ll Leave You Not

Couples in the sunset

"That's a promise!"

image source: sodahead.com, fillin.com,mjv-art.org

Ode to LZD: The Things That I Love About LZD

I love the way Lizzie’s Face contorts when she’s upset

I love the way Lizzie’s eyes brighten up when she’s happy

I love the way Lizzie shouts when she’s surprised

I love the way Lizzie cries when she’s watching some drama

I love the way Lizzie hugs me when I am sound asleep

I love the way Lizzie frowns when she’s mad

I love the way Lizzie laughs when she’s jolly

I love the look on Lizzie’s face when she’s playing Magic: The Gathering

I love how Lizzie studies Japanese like it was Math

I love the way Lizzie clams up when she’s sad

I love the way Lizzie struggles when I am tickling her

I love her determination and diligence when it comes to work

I love the way Lizzie hides snacks that I keep her from eating

I love how her eyes stare at mine, filled with love

I love the way Lizzie giggles after hearing some good news

But what I like the most is how she wouldn’t be the Lizzie I love

Without the things that I love about her