Kinds Of Yoga Bolters

Yoga bolsters are yoga accessories that appear similar to pillows or cushions. Their purpose is to provide support for yoga practitioners who are trying out poses which may be a bit difficult than usual. There are different kinds of yoga bolsters each having their own advantages.

Cylindrical Bolsters: They are heavier than the standard yoga bolster and are rectangular in shape. Placing them under the neck, knees and ankles help relieve the tension which builds up in these areas. In addition to this, placing them under the knees helps lengthen the lower portion of a person’s back. Because of this, the person will be able to breathe better. 

Rectangular Bolsters: These yoga bolsters have flat surfaces and provides stability to yoga practitioners but what makes then great is that they help relieve pressure that builds up in the lower back. In addition to these, a rectangular bolster’s curved side provides comfort and support when a practitioner is doing some spinal stretches and restorative poses. 

Breathing Bolsters:  Also referred to as the Pranayama bolster, is a bolster which helps a yoga practitioner improve his breathing. Compared to a rectangular bolster, the breathing bolster is far narrower and placing it on the spine supports the lengthy muscles that run on both sides. Because of this, it helps relaxes them and allows the chest to fully expand. 

Knowing the characteristics of different yoga bolsters will help you pick the one that will help you with you yoga sessions.