Tips When Buying A Lighter

These days, you can see a lot of variations of lighters being sold in stores. If you are planning to purchase a lighter anytime soon, make sure that you consider the following:

Flame: Most cigarette smokers prefer a torch flame lighter which generates a jet flame as compared to the conventional soft flame. The reason for this is that when you often smoke outdoors, gust of winds can easily blow out the fire which can make it difficult for you to light your cigarette especially during the colder months. But then again, if you are smoking indoors most of the time then you can always opt for the simple one.

Disposable Bic Lighters: This lighters work well especially if you are someone who often travels a lot by plane since this is not allowed when boarding a plane. If you prefer a softer flame then it is important that you pick one which runs on butane gas than the usual liquid naptha. The good thing with a butane gas run lighter is that it does not infuse a good quality cigar with any weird taste.

Dual-Flames: Some cigars can be so thick that lighting them up with a single torch lighter can take time. However, dual torch lighters significantly reduce that time. But if you are someone who just wants the best little cigars then you need not opt for this.

Always consider these factors when purchasing a lighter especially if you are purchasing this as a gift for someone.