Faerie Rising Updates And Other Price Trends

I’ve been following the price trend of most of the faerie archetype’s pieces and I am not surprised at how much the price went up in just a couple of weeks since I posted this article.

Faerie Rising Updates And Other Price Trends

Perhaps, the biggest contributing factor for this would likely be the upcoming PT Born of the Gods Valencia that will be taking place this coming weekend on February 21st to 23rd in Valencia, Spain. However, if you’re going to study the recent winning deck lists in MTGO, the Faerie Archetype is underrepresented. In fact, there were only three players who play the archetype with only one of them taking the top spot.

For reference, here are the deck lists:

Faerie Rising Updates And Other Price Trends

Faerie Rising Updates And Other Price Trends

Faerie Rising Updates And Other Price Trends

Faerie Rising Updates And Other Price Trends

As I’ve discussed before, the most probable reason for this would be card availability and with the prices of most faerie pieces skyrocketing, it’s very unlikely that the archetype would be dominating the modern metagame soon. Another possible contributing factor would be that most players are keeping their tech under the wraps for the up-coming tournament.

One thing’s certain though, if multiple copies of Bitterblossom as well as the other deck pieces end up occupying most of the spot in the top 8 of PT Valencia then I wouldn’t be surprised if Bitterblossom hits $80 and Mistbind Clique ending up around $18-20 apiece.

Meanwhile, some cards are also seeing play these days and have their prices rising steadily such as the following:

Faerie Rising Updates And Other Price Trends

“As of 02/21/14 2:35 PM”

Apparently, Scapeshift decks are starting to crowd MTGO hence the upward trend on primeval titan’s price. In fact, even the metagame in Mindstorm Games Hobby Shop has a lot of them right now and another local game store named Got Game has a player using the said archetype made it to the top. If Scapeshift decks continue to occupy the top places then it’s very likely that the green titan’s price may go up a notch more.

In fact, in my opinion, Scapeshift decks are good deck choices against decks that depend on swarming their opponents since they’re basically combo decks which rely on a land namely Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle, to defeat their opponents like the Valakut decks of old. This means that both Thoughtseize and Inquisiton have no way to remove the deck’s win condition though they can still discard some of the Scapeshift players’ means of reaching their goal. But unless the opponent can kill them fast it’s very likely that the opponent’s future is bleak.

So how about Marsh Flats? Well, there’s another deck that’s also not showing any significant numbers in MTGO events that may also benefit from the unbanning of Bitterblossom and that’s B/W tokens. This is perhaps the highest price that Marsh Flats attained ever since the modern format was established and the same with Fetid Heath and I feel that this has something to do with people who intend to use the B/W tokens archetype this coming weekend.

Faerie Rising Updates And Other Price Trends

“Marsh Flats a few hours ago”

In fact, the original stock of Marsh Flats earlier was 5 but in just a few hours, only 2 were left and it won’t be long before SCG restocks again and probably increase its price.

It’s just a day or so before the much anticipated PT Valencia takes place and if you play in the modern format, it would be best that you stay tune to the latest development taking place in the tournament. At this time, it would be more advisable to hold on to the modern cards that you have before selling them and wait for any possible price changes that may occur. Don’t let go of your Primeval Titans and Bitterblossoms yet!

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