Scattered Faith and Fates

Stormy winds blow scattering faith
Breaking vases of promises
Evaporating into the empty skies
Countless queries sealed in rotting coffins

Faceless children run on black sands
Leaving no foot prints except blood
Trickling from their eyeless visage
No mouth nor voice to cry out their anguish

Ebony wings spread soaring high
Crimson eyes watch the passing of time
Hearing the dead offer empty prayers
Dissipate at the first light of day

Questions will be muttered by dry lips
But will be struck down by the merciless gods
And laid waste as if it was evil incarnate
Shattering faith and renewing none

A dove flies into the endless horizon
Whilst a grim raven flies towards oblivion
Faceless children continue to play on the black sands
Doomed to chase the ripples of past


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