Journey into Nyx Standard Spoiler Season: Iroas, God of Victory

A few days ago, I was speculating what kind of abilities the new gods from Journey into Nyx would have. I initially imagined that Iroas, the red white god would have an ability which would grant creatures you control first strike or maybe even haste.

Suffice to say, my guess was very far off from what Wizards had in mind:

1.	Journey into Nyx Standard Spoiler Season: Iroas, God of Victory

Like with planeswalkers, evaluating gods can be a real challenge. A god may primarily appear overpowered on paper but may prove to be less as time passes by. On the other hand, I actually like Iroas for the reason that he only costs 4 and has immediate board impact, provided that you have creatures on the battlefield. In addition, Iroas, God of Victory also benefits from his own static ability and has enough power to beat the lights out of your opponents.

Just imagine this sequence:

T1: Soldier of the Pantheon

T2: Precinct Captain/Ash Zealot/Burning-Tree Emissary

T3: Hammer of Purphoros/Chandra’s Phoenix

T4: Iroas, God of Victory

Obviously, this is a magical Christmas land scenario but then again, draws like this happen on occasion if not often. And even if the God of Victory doesn’t awaken the turn it comes into play, having him on the battlefield ensures that your creatures will get through the red zone unopposed.

I honestly think that the centaur god will be generally good against decks that are brimming with creatures, particularly against Selesnya or Red/Blue Devotion decks but I am imagining that this is a dead card most of the time against decks packed with removals like Monoblack Devotion and most control decks.

The thing is that the ability that it grants your creatures against an online Elspeth, Sun’s Champion might be neat but you’re probably already losing at such a time. In addition, Iroas’ abilities clearly require the deck to be creature dense if a player expects to effectively utilize him. Not to mention, creatures that lives to tell the tale before Mogis’ twin enters the fray.

Journey into Nyx Standard Spoiler Season: Iroas, God of Victory

With the current metagame leaning towards control-based strategies like Monoblack Devotion as well as Esper, I don’t expect Iroas to make much of an impact. Besides, if I am playing a boros color-based deck, I’d rather leave mana up for a Boros Charm to keep my creatures from being decimated mercilessly by a Supreme Verdict. Tapping out to play Iroas only for the opponent to completely sweep your board is a total blowout.

Overall, I like Iroas, God of Victory in a vacuum but as long as the metagame is filled with control decks, I highly doubt that Mogis’ twin would be seeing play anytime soon. How about you? What are your thoughts about Iroas?

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Journey into Nyx Standard Spoiler Season: Iroas, God of Victory


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