Supreme Verdict: Tokyo Ravens

We’re back in another episode of Supreme Verdict wherein I share my general impression and thoughts about an anime that I just finished watching. There has been a couple of anime titles that has recently ended and a few more that will end in the weeks to come so I am taking this opportunity to discuss some of the titles that I’ve watched upon their conclusion.

Warning: This article contains spoilers so read at your own leisure!

One such anime that I’ve been following would be Tokyo Ravens. For those who’re not aware of the premise of the anime, it’s basically about a guy named Tsuchimikado, Harutora and his cousin Tsuchimikado, Natsume, childhood friends who both enrolled in an Omnyo Prep School located in Tokyo. After a spiritual disaster that took place in their hometown, Harutora decided to become Natsume’s spirit familiar who swore to protect her as long as he lives.

As the course of the story goes, the main protagonist along with their newfound friends eventually encounter the Twin Horn Syndicate who’s bent on kidnapping Natsume for they believe that she is the reincarnation of Tsuchimikado Yakou, the so-called King of the North Star and the most powerful Omnyo exorcist to have ever lived and who they believe would lead them to a new era.

Supreme Verdict: Tokyo Ravens

“I said “King” NOT “Fist”!”

Now that we’ve established the setting of the story, let’s go down to business. I am actually disappointed at the last episode of Tokyo Ravens.

Supreme Verdict: Tokyo Ravens

VSAT = Viewer Satisfaction Chart

The thing is that the episode seems rushed in a sense that Natsume’s resurrection wasn’t even dramatic as well as the events that soon followed. I do find the part where Ohtomo Jin asked Ashiya Doman to be his familiar very interesting. The battles were not that climactic in a sense that there wasn’t even a scene where the awakened Yakou showed what he can do even if it was momentarily.

Supreme Verdict: Tokyo Ravens

I understand that Reiji and his familiar Shaver had to retreat being aware that they cannot defeat Harutora in his current state the same with Takiko Souma keeping her familiar Yashamaru/Shido Dairenji from clashing with Hishamaru, Yakou’s familiar. But damn, the episode would’ve been better if there was a part where Yakou displays his true power against the antagonists. Sadly, there was none.

Truth is that I’ve always been a fan of anime series wherein the beaten up protagonist would awaken into a different and powerful character that’d really kick the ass of their antagonist easily. Similar to what happened here:


This will always be one of the most epic fight scenes that I’ve seen in anime history. Yes, Tokyo Ravens is not a battle anime like Dragonball, YuYu Hakusho and or One Piece but having such a scene would make it more memorable.

Also, the anime ended leaving me with a lot of questions like how did the Taizan Fukun ritual actually go that Harutora/Yakou had to leave Natsume? In addition, why leave Natsume alone in the middle of nowhere, and alone for that matter? And without even letting anyone know where she is staying? Did they just have a “hi-ma’am-bam-thank-you-ma’am!” scene over there?

Supreme Verdict: Tokyo Ravens

Unfortunately, these are just a few of the questions that we’ll never be able to answer unless of course you start reading the manga or light novel which I am sure is one of the primary reasons why the last episode ended like that. At the end of the day, producing anime is a marketing strategy to sell the manga or the light novels after all.

Anime industry be like “Want more answers? Then give us yer monneeehhh” Yeah, painful truth indeed. However, I had to admit that the part where Kon undid the seals to revert back to her original form was cool, the same as when Kakugyouki arrived to assist her in a timely manner.

Supreme Verdict: Tokyo Ravens

“Kon’s true and final form”

My satisfaction overall for the series tends to fluctuate depending on what’s the arc or chapter’s focus but it didn’t dip in any way with the last episode being the only exception. I’d still recommend the series to those who are looking for anime of the supernatural genre with a bit of romance schtick involved. And if there’s something that the anime has it going in it, it’s the plot twist that I must say is really something I found remarkably surprising.

Supreme Verdict: Tokyo Ravens

“LRT Taft Station. Yep, they’re now in the Philippines”

I still enjoyed the whole series but the ending was just a let-down. Then again, if a second season pops up then good otherwise, I’d probably end up reading the manga or light novel instead.

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Supreme Verdict: Tokyo Ravens

“Did you think that this article would end without having an image of Suzuka Dairenji?”


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