Modern Movements

It’s already been a couple of days since the conclusion of Pro-tour Born of the Gods in Valencia, Spain and I was supposed to write a report about it in the financial aspect but I had to accomplish some important tasks first.

A lot of people are wondering why even though no copies of Bitterblossom made it in the top 8 is that it’s still retailing around $60. The thing is that it doesn’t mean that if it didn’t make it to the top tables is that it’s automatically a bad card for the modern format and that its price would immediately plummet.

Sure, only 6 players may have played the archetype at the event but take note that there were three of the 6 and these 3 are pro-players who made it day two; each one piloting their own version of UB Faeries namely; Alex Sittner, Shota Yasooka and Joel Larsson who unfortunately only ended up with a 3-2 standing as per this article.

Modern Movements

Modern Movements

Furthermore, even Gerry Thompson thinks that Faeries has the potential to make it big in modern. Another factor which may be keeping Bitterblossom at its current price is the upcoming Grand Prix Richmond which will be on the 7th to 9th of March. It’s just a week away before the next big event is upon us. This event will eventually determine if Bitterblossom really have what it takes to be a key player in the modern format or will end up sitting by the sidelines. However, this is a good time to be selling your Bitterblossoms if you want to take advantage of its exorbitant price.

Because if no copies of the said card makes it to the top 8 then I feel that it’s very likely for the hype to completely go down the drain along with its price. On the other hand, if copies of Bitterblossom make it to the top then it’s very likely that the price will be retained.

Moving forward, it wasn’t only Bitterblossom’s price that moved but also the following:

Modern Movements

One of the most noticeable price increases would be Primeval Titan’s. The fact is that a couple of Scapeshift decks have been winning MTGO modern events since last week and this has caused the mythic rare’s price to spike. The rest on the list on the other hand were perhaps due to the decks making it to the top 8, particularly Threads of Disloyalty which the eventual PT Champion Shaun Mclaren effectively utilized to win his final match against Wilson. In addition to these changes, I also took notice of this card’s current price and I am surprised that it already hit this high.

Modern Movements

Frankly, I am tempted to sell out my singleton planeswalker and eldrazi because I am not really planning to brew any RG Tron anytime soon as well as a Show and Tell deck. Still, it’s nice to see that the cards I held on to even after they rotated out of the standard format have their prices rocketing up.

To sum it all up:

  • Sell your Bitterblossoms or take a gamble by holding on to them and wait for the results of the up-coming PT Richmond. This is if you don’t plan on playing Faeries anytime soon.
  • There’s still a chance that Primeval Titan’s price may increase so I feel that it’s still safe to keep them for a longer period of time as compared to Bitterblossom. However, selling them right now may not be that bad of an idea as well.
  • The only direction that Karn Liberated and Emrakul, The Aeons Torn will go is up. First and foremost, they are utilized both in Modern and Legacy especially that the eldrazi is one of the core pieces of a popular Legacy deck which will probably remain a tier 1 deck for years to come. It’s up to you if you want to sell them or wait for the price to increase before selling them. The only time that their price will plummet is if one of them gets the axe (With Emrakul being more likely to get the axe than Karn IF they even become candidates for banning which I highly doubt will happen anytime soon).
  • A lot of people may believe that Faeries may not be cut for the current modern format but then again, there are also people who believe otherwise and some of them are pros. Furthermore, this guy has been very consistent in MTGO events when it comes to his results. Can we say that he’s just being lucky and or he’s just able to dodge his bad matchups when he’s constantly winning MTGO events?

Modern Movements

GP Richmond is just a week away and we’ll eventually find out the real score between the various archetypes in the modern format. Will Faeries be able to prove itself or eventually be forgotten to oblivion? Will URW based decks continue to reign supreme or will Zoo emerge victorious this time? What are your thoughts about the current modern format?

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