Putting On The Panty And Stockings

This anime was recommended to me by a good friend a long time back and if my memory serves me right, I wasn’t a member of Otakustreamers yet at that time. When my friend told me that the artwork of the anime was reminiscent to the American animation series Power Puff Girls, I gave my friend a look of disbelief at what he was telling me to watch. It’s been so long since I bothered watching American animation and frankly, I am not really a fan of how they do their animation these days. Today’s western animation’s stories as well as artwork are non-comparable to American animation back in the 80’s.

Putting On The Panty And Stockings

“The first ray-gun was discovered by Wyatt Earp’s Ghost in an episode of The Real Ghostbusters”

I can still remember those Friday nights wherein my family, relatives and I would gather in the living area to watch an episode of The Real Ghostbusters. The former would then be replaced by Stan Lee’s Uncanny X-Men a few years later, then followed by The Simpsons, the latter, which doesn’t have a continuous story but still an enjoyable American animation/sitcom to watch with the whole family. Nostalgia aside, my friend was able to convince me to watch the anime adding that it’s not your traditional comedy anime and sports a mature humor and showed me a random episode of the anime. And little did I know that the “mature” humor he was talking about goes way beyond the meaning of “general patronage”.

Putting On The Panty And Stockings

“Would you like her to be YOUR guardian angel?”

Panty and Stockings tells the story of the Anarchy siblings; Panty and Stockings (hence the title of the series), angels who fell out of God’s grace for practicing excessive lascivious behavior in heaven. They were banished from heaven down to Daten City (when pronounced in Japanese is a pun for Datenshi which means “Fallen Angel”) which is a place between Heaven and Hell plagued by creatures known as Ghosts. An afro-haired priest (who has a tendency to engage in homosexual activities) named Garterbelt who presides over a church is tasked in guiding the Anarchy sisters in collecting Heaven Coins to be able to return to heaven and only by defeating Ghosts in Daten City can they acquire the coins.

Putting On The Panty And Stockings

“This ain’t no powerpuff girls”

The anime was absolutely funny and I enjoyed every second of it. As to what my friend mentioned, the anime wasn’t intended for younger audience and contains mature and sexual themes, as well as intense profanity throughout each episode. On the other hand, mature viewers would surely enjoy the humor the anime offers, not to mention that there are mainstream culture references that people would surely recognize and appreciate.

Putting On The Panty And Stockings

“That ain’t no Megatron”

Each episode runs for fifteen minutes or so and what’s unique about the anime is that the artwork of the main protagonists revert to your usual anime artwork whenever they draw their heavenly weapons in preparation for defeating their enemies.

Putting On The Panty And Stockings

“And ain’t no Charlie’s Angels”

In addition, whenever they defeat a ghost, a real-life clip of a ghost figurine is shown to explode literally.

Putting On The Panty And Stockings

“Yes, this Ghost figurine”

Overall, Panty and Stockings is a very entertaining anime that will surely get you laughing in each episode. If you enjoy watching lewd anime and has a taste for strong profanity when it comes to humor then this anime is for you.

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