First Impressions: Noragami

Noragami is about a god named Yato who seems to live a life of a drifter. He desperately looks for people whom he could provide his services to in exchanging for getting a five yen donation from them which he saves up in the hopes of eventually establishing his own shrine. One day, while undertaking a job which has something to do with a missing cat, a young female student, Ike Hiyori, saw Yato crossing the street to try to catch the cat he was looking for. When Yato was about to get hit by a truck, Hiyori instinctively rushed to his rescue and ended up getting hit by the truck instead.

First Impressions: Noragami

Surprised at what the young girl did for him, Yato used his powers to keep Hiyori alive. However, after the incident, Hiyori tends to fall asleep without her noticing which causes her spirit to come out of her body. From henceforth, she pleads Yato for assistance in helping her return back to normal. Together, they annihilate phantoms, malicious spirits preying on people’s weaknesses to keep the city peaceful.

First Impressions: Noragami

“Kids, don’t do this at home.”

And I must say that I find the plot and the theme of the anime palatable to my tastes. As I’ve mentioned in my previous articles, I enjoy watching anime of the supernatural genre, provided that they’re good and Noragami falls under such a category.  Though the premise of the story somehow reminds me of Shakugan no Shana’s plotline, Noragami has a lighter atmosphere when it comes to the plot. At the same time, I find the relationship of the main protagonists Yato and Hiyori cute as compared to the protagonists of the former even though there’s no hint of romance between the two. In fact, I don’t mind if Yato and Hiyori wouldn’t develop any feelings towards each other as the story progresses.

First Impressions: Noragami


Another point of interest with regard to the anime is that Yato, as well as the gods in featured in the anime, arms themselves with Regalia or Shinki as the anime refers to it. Simply put, Regalia are uncorrupted spirits of mortals who are turned into divine weapons by gods in the story. These weapons are then used to annihilate malicious spirits who threaten the world of humans. With regard to the artwork, I find it decent and reminiscent to the artwork of a manga I used to read a long time back which was entitled “I’s” with the characters’ nose line not being emphasized. Of course, the anime wouldn’t be exciting without this kind of scenes:

First Impressions: Noragami

“Fanservice will never cease”

I also find the design for the phantoms cute and interesting in a sense that they’re really portrayed as entities that come in different shapes and forms. I guess the idea of the phantoms having a lot of eyeballs on their bodies is a bit creepy but I approved of such a conceptualization. Overall, I find the anime’s story more intriguing as compared to Kyoukai no Kanata’s plotline which I stopped watching after episode four. I do intend to watch it again but I don’t think it’d be anytime soon. The story’s pacing is acceptable so far as well as the introduction and development of the characters so I guess I don’t have any qualms about it in general.

First Impressions: Noragami

“Again kids, don’t do this at home”

I am looking forward to the following episodes and I hope that the story continues to get better as well as Hiyori getting more involved in fights rather than a character that needs to be saved. So if you’re looking for an anime under the supernatural genre then you may want to try this one.

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