Twighlight Calling

Seven realms opened up
To seal the darkness
Beneath the eternal abyss
Of chaos and despair

Seven various guardians
Stand ever vigilant for
Unworthy trespassers
Attempting to unseal chaos

Seven keys hidden deep
Within the perilous realms
Guarded by the guardians
From those who would dare

Seven courageous champions
Chosen from the mortal realm
To unseal the gates of chaos
And destroy the darkness

Seven realms to be sealed
By seven heroes of justice
To drive back the darkness
To the abyss whence it came

Weekend Blues

It was a bright sunny Saturday
And I was walking at the park
There were two young lovers
Under the pale cool shade

I decided to stop and watch
As they exchanged love letters
And oh sweet everyday nothings
Like an ideal couple they are

Then here comes a girl
Wearing a fitted red gown
Barging in the picture
With a sneer on her pretty face

The next thing that happened
Was a heated hilarious argument
Between two differing parties
Like a simple joke gone bad

Getting bored of the scene
I walked a few paces
Then I saw an old blind man
Who sits on a wheel chair

He was feeding the birds
With yesterday’s bread crumbs
When a kid riding a bike runned over
Frightening the birds away

With a moment’s notice
The old man stood from his chair
And chased the kid with
His long slender walking stick

With me dumbfounded
I decided to light a cigar
And little did I notice
That I don’t even have a lighter


Strategies On How You Can Effectively Utilize Advance Ebay Money

There are a number of ways to be able to take advantage of advance eBay money. These days, it matters a lot that you know how to manipulate your eBay money especially that a lot of online transactions are being done through eBay. Here are some strategies on how you can further optimize eBay money.

Sell Something You Are Familiar With: If you want to be able to effectively sell something on eBay then the best option would be to sell something you are able to give details of. Investing your eBay money on this will help you profit more than lose.

Be Concise: Provide useful information that potential buyers are likely to ask like condition, price, shipping terms and description of the product. However, be straight to the point when giving these details and avoid putting many details because not all people who look up products in eBay are willing to read a lot of details.

Be Wary When You Put A Price Tag: Make sure that when you are putting a price for a item on eBay is that you consider costs that will come along when you sell it such as shipping costs, fees and the actual cost of the item. Be confident with the price that you set for your product and refrain from putting a lower price then charging more for shipping and fees.

With advance Ebay money, you will be able to efficiently manage your finances and your products that are on eBay.

How To Appraise Gold

If you are planning to invest in gold, you should make it a point to learn how to appraise them yourself or at least have the knowledge to identify the value of gold. Keep the following in mind:

  • Examine It Closely: What you need to do first is to find a hallmark which is often located on the reverse side of the jewelry, near the cache on chains and in the interior of trinket boxes. However, you will not be able to find this without a jeweler’s loupe which is a magnifying device that jewelers use. Find purity marking which are indicated in the form of “ct” and then followed by a number. Remember that the higher the number, the higher the value of the gold.
  • Check the Weight: This is perhaps one of the things that you should be doing if you want to know if that gold krugerrand is really valuable or not. You can do this through a scale or just putting it on the palm of your hands and you will know if it is valuable depending on how heavy it is.
  • On Collectibles: Keep in mind that collectible items have higher value as compared to standard bullion. A good example of this would be a functioning gold watch which would be more than what it is worth since there are a lot of people who enjoy collecting watches.

These are some tips on how you can appraise gold.


The sun gradually sets
As the fang of dusk sinks
Engulfing the metropolis
Casting a spell of darkness

And underneath the shawl
Of a seemingly endless evening
Is but a place for those
Who gather to give thanks

An old remnant of the past
A place that holds power
A staging ground for those
Who feast on the spoils of day

Fine delicate wines poured in each
Crystalline glass held gracefully
A grand banquet held for those
Who know no suffering nor despair

A masquerade of those
Who know the darkest secrets
Of the naive human heart
And the depths of one’s soul

A joyful grandiose celebration
A charade masked by smiles
A play of schemes and ploys
By those who lust for power

And as the days of gathering
Slowly comes to an end
Vows have been made
As well as dark initiations

With time leaving the past
Behind a curtain of blood
Trails of a long lost legacy
Remains as a forgotten history

Now, only silence reigns
Within the archaic halls
Of the old amphitheater now,
Only a visage of the past


Advent of Poetry

Two days ago, I decided to clean my Yahoo mail inbox and organize it. I’ve been stressing on a number of pending activities these last few days but the truth is,  organizing my emails wasn’t part of them. I honestly don’t know what hit me into suddenly doing it but I did it anyway and I was thankful I did. While I was rummaging through old messages as well as the drafts I had, I was surprised to see some of the things that I have kept. Poems, various images of anime characters and Japanese artists, and some interesting conversations are but a few of the things that  I found. Though it kinda took me a while before I was able to make a folder to categorize most of them, while deleting useless emails, it was totally worth it. What I was most happy about were the dozen of poems and songs that I had composed 8 years ago or so. It was nostalgic. I haven’t read much of the poems and songs I composed before but then again, I decided to post them here in my blog where some people can see my works.

So starting today, you can expect me to be posting a couple of poems that I’ve made a while back. Hope you guys like it! Here’s one of the first few poems I found!

“Seashore Melancholy”

The sea gulls gather
Atop the rocky ledges
The sands awashed
By the salty waters

The dawn seems long
And the sun has not risen
An air of melancholy
Blows from nowhere

The breeze whistles
A lonely eerie tune
Like a calling from
A forgotten memory

A lone figure stands
Atop the steep cliff
Throwing away something
For the winds to take

He stares beyond
The vast blue seas
With sorrowful eyes
And with an aching heart

And now the sun sets
And the sea gulls are gone
The waters had settled
And the breeze is cold

The figure has gone
Leaving past memories
Drifting on the calm waters
A drenched paper plane

A Maddening Music

Listening to this maddening music
I watched the doves fly towards the cerulean sky
What will they find across the endless sky I wonder?
These corroded chains that bind my heart
Will it be set free to love what has been lost in time?

The faces I see around me are blank
But why does the face in the mirror smile at me?
Its eyes are filled with malice and yet tears flow down from it
The music continues to play, it’s lyrics echo in my mind
Will it be remembered forever by this aching heart?

The sun is almost setting in the horizon
And the doves that flew away can no longer be seen
I watch the world’s reflection on the silent and lonely sea
Will this silent prayer reach the heavens?
Will the hope buried in time resurface for it to be claimed?

Listening to this maddening music
I watched the doves fly towards the crimson skies
The horizon continues to entice those doves
My heart remains chained by the unforgiving past
A lost soul that will forever wander throughout the end of time