How To Effectively Clean A Platinum Diamond Ring

All jewelry eventually gets tarnished especially if you do not have any idea how to take care of it. However, the good news is that there is a method that you can follow. There is a way that you can clean your platinum diamond ring that signifies your love to your other half while being able to extend its lifespan.

Step 1: Get a corning ware dish pan and then pour around two cups of water in it. After this, what you do next is to bring the water to a boil. Once it starts boiling, the next thing that you have to do is to put two teaspoons of ammonia and then bring it down to a simmer.

Step 2: Once the water is brought down to a simmer, you can now submerge your ring in it and leave it there for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, you can remove the ring but be careful when doing so. Remember, the ring was submerged in hot water and you might get scalded so it is best that you use a tong to pick it up.

Step 3: Let the ring cool for the time being and then once it has cool down, get a toothbrush that you are not using and then use it to scrub the ring. After you are done scrubbing the ring with the toothbrush, submerge it again in the water for five minutes. After five minutes, you can then remove the ring and then rinse it using clean water.

Always make it a point to clean your diamond platinum rings if you see that it is losing its luster. Remember, it should be a significant item in your relationship so do everything to take extra care of it.

Dragon’s Maze Spoilers: The Advent of the Sin Collector

It’s the 9th of April and as soon as I got online, I opened up some tabs then scoured on my newsfeeds in Facebook. While browsing some of the latest Dragon’s Maze spoilers, two cards caught my attention big time: Advent of the Wurm and Sin Collector. So what’s the deal with these two?

Dragon’s Maze Spoilers: The Advent of the Sin Collector

“You don’t want to be in its way.”

Manacost: 1GGW

Spell Type: Instant

Text: Put a 5/5 green Wurm creature token with trample onto the battlefield.

Let’s start with the manacost. Advent of the Wurm costs four which is pretty reasonable for what it can do. Though most players would probably find it reminiscent of Restoration Angel because it is an instant with a neat power and toughness, plus the same converted manacost, it is still NOT a Restoration Angel in a sense that it does not have the blink ability which makes Restoration Angel extra special in most decks. Not to mention that the angel can well, obviously fly over the ground blockers. But what this card can offer is an instant blocker and a troublesome attacker. Even your opponent would think twice before blocking the ravaging wurm with any of their creatures, with the exception of Beef Reckoner of course, and chomp blocking it with a dork or a spirit token wouldn’t even make the cut because of its trample ability. Perhaps one of the most notable thing about this card is that it creates a creature token which means that capitalizing on the populate mechanic can be a neat thing to do. Also take note that it is a creature in a form of a spell which can potentially flip your Delver of Secrets into an Insectile Abberation. So based on what we’ve discussed so far, we’re looking at aggressive Bant decks or Selesnya Populate decks adding a couple of this card. Just imagine Delver decks flipping their human wizards through the some Call of the Conclave or Advent. The density of instant and sorceries in such decks will definitely increase. At the same time, you can have a turn one manadork into a smiter then an end of turn wurm on the third turn.

Dragon’s Maze Spoilers: The Cruel Advent of the Sin Collector

“100% Pure beef. Got a problem?”

What we have here next is Sin Collector which was already discussed earlier today by Starcitygames’ Sam Black. But let me share a few of my thoughts about it.

Dragon’s Maze Spoilers: The Cruel Advent of the Sin Collector

“By the power invested in me I shall now duress you…”

As we can clearly see here, the collector costs three with a power and toughness of 2/1 plus a neat enters the battlefield ability. Like with Advent of the Wurm, this card reminds us of another card in one of the older sets; Tidehollow Sculler. So what makes these two different? For one, the former costs one more mana than the latter and has a toughness of 1 as oppose to the sculler which has a toughness of 2. Though both of them can easily be killed, what makes the collector special is that the card he purges from the opponent’s hand is gone forever unlike with Tidehollow sculler which I am sure all players are aware won’t be able to hold indefinitely. The only exception to this is if the sculler is blinked before letting it resolve its enters-the-battlefield ability.

Dragon’s Maze Spoilers: The Advent of the Sin Collector

“Both are holding a staff of some sort. Must be where the discard effect is coming from.”

The question here is not really about who is better because it depends on the context, not to mention the fact that the human cleric’s home is the standard format while the zombie is in the  modern format. So would it see play in the current standard? Yes it definitely will though as of the moment, the most that I could imagine would be its inclusion in the Aristocrats and the Junk Reanimator decks. How many of them in the main? Could be two, could be just one or none at all. What is more likely to happen is the human cleric being utilized as a sideboard card against control match ups where it can shine. What makes it more fun to play is abusing its ETB ability with the help of Restoration Angel which can definitely wreck the hands of the control player. Sigh, for a moment, I wish I was a Junk Reanimator player or an Aristocrats player. Haha.

That is all for the meantime. I am excited to see more of what Dragon’s Maze has to offer and I am pretty sure that there will be more interesting cards to see in the next days to come!

Thanks for reading! Have a nice day!


Dragon’s Maze Spoilers: The Advent of the Sin Collector

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Dragon’s Maze Spoilers: Ral Zarek

The first thing that I did as soon as I got online was to check out the latest Dragon’ Maze spoilers. With the Dragon’s Maze prerelease event to take place on the 27th and 28th of April, the Dragon’s Maze spoilers has begun and the first week didn’t disappoint as a couple of the cards spoiled really got my attention starting with of course, the Izzet-aligned planeswalker Ral Zarek!

Dragon’s Maze Spoilers: Ral Zarek

“It’s time for some stormy mountain hiking!”

So what are we looking at right now?

Manacost: Ral costs four which is acceptable for your average planeswalker. Like Jace, Architect of Thought, Ajani Vengeant and other similarly four-costed planeswalkers, it is very possible that Ral will see play. With the obvious inclusion of this card in URW shells.

Starting Loyalty: Four. Pretty decent for a four-costed planeswalker, does not easily die to Flinthoof boars or Dreg Manglers or rampaging Reckoners

+1 AbilityDragon’s Maze Spoilers: Ral Zarek

Looking at the first ability, it clearly shows that Ral doesn’t have the means to tap down a permanent similar to what good ol’ Ajani Vengeant can do which can be an edge against opposing Thragtusks and other similar fatties in the current standard. Not to mention the fact that the vengeful Ajani also has the quirk to keep control players off from one of their lands. But what makes Ral’s first ability interesting is that it can be used aggressively and defensively. Just imagine having a third turn Geist of Saint Traft followed up by a fourth turn Ral Zarek. You can simply tap one of your opponent’s blockers and untap one of your Hallowed Fountains or any blue source for an Unsummon or perhaps a pillar of flame BEFORE attacking with the spirit cleric. You can also take advantage of that untapped mana for an end of turn Thought Scour if necessary or dispel that fog in case your opponent is trying to prolong the game with it.

In fact, if you are going to imagine it, Ral Zarek virtually only costs three, provided that you will be utilizing the first ability to untap one of your lands after your cast the planeswalker. Another thing that you may also want to consider is that it can combo well with Izzet Staticaster. Normally, the flash shooter can only kill one toughness creatures but with the ingenious planeswalker’s help, you can shoot down two toughness creatures. And the same thing applies with any creatures out there with an ability which requires you to tap them to activate.

Of course it doesn’t necessarily mean that the first ability is limited to untapping your land, mana dork or that staticaster for a second ping but have you ever wished that Boros Reckoner had vigilance? Well, with Ral, that is a dream come true. Not only can Boros Reckoner play defense against the aggressive match ups but then again, thanks to Ral’s first ability, you can have your minotaur wizard attack AND THEN block during your opponent’s turn. Having problems with Blind Obedience? Let Ral handle it. Overall, there are a lot of things that Ral’s first ability can do.

-2 Ability:Dragon’s Maze Spoilers: Ral Zarek

The application of the second ability of Ral Zarek is pretty obvious. Just like with Ajani Vengeant, he can bolt any creature or player minus the lifegain. So what makes this second ability any special as compared to the former planeswalker? Ral can do this twice in two consecutive turns unlike Ajani Vengeant since Ral’s loyalty counter is a notch higher than the leonine planeswalker.

Dragon’s Maze Spoilers: Ral Zarek

“Of course, a mountain hiking wouldn’t be complete without a mountain lion, right?”

And because of that knowledge, your opponent’s likely to attack Ral right away which can serve as a fog effect for you unless he or she wants to get another of his three toughness creatures bolted on the spot, assuming that Ral killed a three toughness creature the turn he entered the battlefield. Some of the creatures that he can kill would be Flinthoof Boar, Vampire Nighthawk, Boros Reckoner (Though you wouldn’t want to bolt this one in particular), Centaur Healer, Dreg Mangler and many more. On the other hand, Ral can deal a total of six damage on two consecutive turns that he is online. Though the lifegain that old Ajani had will be missed, being able to virtually fog the next turn and kill a few creatures gives you virtual life anyway.

Dragon’s Maze Spoilers: Ral Zarek

“Pork, Chicken and Beef. Wait. That doesn’t look like a chicken….”

Ultimate/-7 AbilityDragon’s Maze Spoilers: Ral Zarek

Unless you are extremely unlucky, you should at least get an extra turn with the Izzet planeswalker’s ultimate. But then again, if you are having your lucky day, you can get as much as five extra turns and you can potentially win the game with those five consecutive turns. Though the chances of you having five extra turns is not at all likely, getting a few extra turns is still possible. However, being able to actually get to the point of being able to activate his ultimate is a bit questionable but there will still be those who will attempt to do so. Besides, isn’t it cool being able to activate his ultimate at least once during the course of the day? I won’t even discuss what you can do with those extra turns which can potentially win you the game.

Overall, Ral Zarek has much to offer the current standard, and I am one of those people who are excited to play the card! Will he be able to greatly impact the current metagame? None knows for sure but the fact remains that he is an interesting addition to decks out there and it’s only a matter of time before standard is shaken by the Dragon’s Maze.

Dragon’s Maze Spoilers: Ral Zarek

“See you in the prerelease!”

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Dragon’s Maze: Render Silent and Deputy Acquittal

After posting my latest article which featured the Izzet-aligned planeswalker Ral Zarek, I felt that I wanted to write more so I decided to write my thoughts with regard to the latest Dragon’s Maze spoilers. And since being visited by my writing muse (Thanks to St Estrella for introducing the term to me) is a rare occasion, I want to take this opportunity to express what I think of some of the already spoiled Dragon’s Maze cards.

Dragon’s Maze: Render Silent and Deputy Acquittal

“HMmmh! Mmm! Hmmm!”

Render Silent

Manacost: WUU

Spell Type: Instant

Text: Counter target spell. Its controller can’t cast spells this turn.

The first thing that came to my mind when I saw this card was “This is another cool addition to the URW deck shell! A silence and counter hybrid!” Similar to Aurelia’s Fury and Counterflux, this spell doesn’t seem like a spell that will allow any form of counter wars to take place nor any response from the opposing player. At the same time, Render Silent keeps opposing control players from being able to hook you into countering a problematic spell that they will cast during their turn just so they can cast a more problematic spell afterwards after exhausting your hand of counter spells. Of course, they can always wait for their next turn to cast a more problematic spell while baiting you with a few annoyance. Or at least, you get a chance to cast some spell which can help you cantrip to a much-needed counterspell. Overall, the spell is good but nothing really to get so hyped about but being a blue mage, I am still excited to try out this card in a URW shell! Plus I love the flavor text!

Dragon’s Maze: Render Silent and Deputy Acquittal


Manacost: WU

Creature Type: Human Wizard

Text: Flash, When Deputy of Acquittals enters the battlefield; you may return another target creature you control to owner’s hand.

Power/Toughness: 2/2

This is one of those cards that I really find interesting maybe because I personally love playing creatures with flash. Furthermore, he is big enough to surprise chomp block an attacking Burning-Tree Emissary or an assault made by Spirit Cleric Traft. But what makes Deputy of Acquittals interesting is his ability to bounce a creature you control back to your hand. Now, take note that you do not necessarily have to bounce any creature back to your hand but just imagine bouncing back an Augur of Bolas after you assigned it as a blocker against an attacking Smiter. Not only do you get a second use for the Augur when your turn comes around, but you also get to save it from being smacked down by the Selesnyan pachyderm.

And in case you do not have a Restoration Angel in your hand to blink off your Thragtusks, you can hire the deputy to serve as a substitute. Not only do you get a 2/2 body and a 3/3 beast token which can attack on your next turn but you can also get an additional five life when you play the beast again. Just imagine a deck having four Restoration Angels and then a couple of the human wizard. Speaking of human wizards, consider the idea of letting your other human wizard, the Snapcaster retire for the day back in your hand while your deputy stands in as a replacement. Just like with the Augur, you can get another use for your Snapcaster mage while being able to defend yourself with the help of the deputy. Also take note that by bouncing back a creature you already assigned as a blocker, effects such as lifelink and deathtouch will no longer take effect. This also applies when it comes to a blocking good ol’ Reckoner. Overall, Deputy of Acquittals is an interesting card that I am sure some people, if not all, would consider putting a couple of in their decks.

I’ll be writing another article for the other cards that I found interesting! Hope you enjoyed reading my entry!

Take care and have a nice day!


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