Tips In Setting Up Stage Lights

Performing on stage is not limited to just being good with the instrument that you are playing or with the way you sing. It is also important that you and you have a crew who are able to properly set the lighting on the stage because this can influence the quality of the experience of the audience to whom you are performing for. In order for you to be able to do this correctly, it is important that you consider the following:

Do Your Homework: You cannot expect yourself to be able to set up the lightings on the stage properly if you do not even have any point of reference to get ideas from. And this is where research comes in. Furthermore, the designer should not limit his or her research on shows but should also consider production. It is important that the designer clearly communicates his or her thoughts to the director of the show so as to be able to plan what needs to be done. Knowing what kind of show and production is going to be done is also a factor. Part of this is also knowing where to get stage lights.

Designing: This starts when you already have an idea of what to do or you and the show’s director have agreed on what needs to be done. The main idea here is that the lights should ideally be set up all light locations of the stage but is not a necessity. Having mapped out the entire area can help you get an idea on where to effectively position the lights.

Loading: Always make it a point to be there when you are setting up the lights on the stage. It is important that someone is directing them especially when they are already setting up the safety cables and securing the lights.

Cues: Setting up the lights does not send there. It is also paramount that you are able to properly set up the cues and to ensure that none of the lights are directed towards a performer’s face. It helps when you have an idea where the lights will pop in per segment of the performance

Tips In Setting Up Stage Lights

“With the proper lighting, this girl would be more awesome”

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Shiki: Come Into My Arms, “The Darkness Over There Is Bitter”

Last Wednesday (or was it Thursday?), I got ill as I mentioned in my previous entry. And as much as I wanted to be productive that day, my condition was keeping me from focusing so I eventually gave up and just thought of doing some random stuff online to keep myself entertained for the meantime. I tried streaming a couple of anime at but one particular series got my attention: Shiki. The premise of the story starts in a fictional small village in Japan called Sotoba that is located in the countryside. A series of mysterious deaths is overwhelming the village and the only doctor in the Village, Toshio Ozaki, suspects the cause to be an epidemic. At the same time, a strange family moves in the abandoned Kanemasa mansion located far away from the village, atop a cliff surrounded by the wilderness. Meanwhile, Yuuki Natsuno, a fifteen year old boy who originally came from the city and studies in the only school in Sotoba, suddenly finds him involved in these mysterious deaths. As the series progress, they eventually discover the terrible truth behind these deaths.

Shiki: Come Into My Arms, “The Darkness Over There Is Bitter”

As much as I want to give the reason why I am impressed with this anime, I am unable to effectively do so without spoiling a number of things in the story. But the most I can say is that the characters here are portrayed very well. The storytelling is great, and the scenarios are realistic and logical that you do not need to suspend disbelief most of the time. If you have watched the anime Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni (When They Cry) and enjoyed it then you will definitely enjoy watching this series. Furthermore, the adaptation of a particular creature in this anime is so far one of the best I’ve seen so far especially these days that a lot of authors are overextending their creativity. Again, I apologize if I am unable to reveal much of what’s happening in the series but overall, this is a good watch. Now, if I am already able to pique your curiosity then you might as well watch this anime series and see it for yourself.

Shiki: Come Into My Arms, “The Darkness Over There Is Bitter”

“Would you like to have some tea with her? Alone?”

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The Week That Was…Once Again…

It has been quite some time since Liz and I last watched anime. For the past few weeks we’ve been watching Meitantei Conan, or more popularly known locally as Detective Conan. But since we got busy with a lot of important tasks, we had to cut on the anime marathons. Not to mention the fact that we got a lot of pending activities that needs to be given attention such as competing in Magic: The Gathering tournaments and watching movies. It’s been so long since we last played in an actual tournament together and I really miss playing in tourneys. Sadly, I haven’t been able to construct a tourney competitive deck since Liz and I are mainly focused on completing her deck.

The good news is that her deck’s latest iteration is almost complete except for a few deck pieces which we’ll probably try to obtain before this week ends. In this way, Liz would be able to start playing again while I, on the other hand, would probably have to settle with the cards that I have at home. Plus, some printed proxies to create a gauntlet for play testing purposes.

The Week That Was...Once Again...

“My deck needs someone like her. “

In fact I am still deciding on what to play. I am considering playing either Midrange Jund or URW Flash/Tempo or whatever they call it. Jund because most of the deck pieces I have at home are available except for three Liliana of the Veil and my own playset of Stomping Grounds. Furthermore, I used to play a Jund deck during Alara Block going Zendikar. Though today’s Jund is non-comparable to the original Jund or to the Modern format’s Jund, Midrange Jund is something I find interesting and fun to play.

The Week That Was...Once Again...

“Alara block Jund core pieces”

On the other hand, the reason I wanted to play URW (Blue, Red, and White) Flash is because well, I am a blue mage after all. But other than that, I like URW because I think it will suit my playing style. It may not be comparable to the UW (Blue White) Delver I recently played pre-rotation but it still has some of the things that I love in a UW deck such as Restoration Angel, Snapcaster Mages and a couple of permission spells. There’s also the tide-turning Sphinx’s Revelation as well as the combat savvy Boros Reckoner. Though I haven’t tried playing that kind of deck as compared to Midrange Jund, I am pretty sure I’ll enjoy playing URW Flash. But right now, I don’t think I have the luxury to focus on completing my deck.

The Week That Was...Once Again...

“URW Flash”

Setting aside MTG, I actually got ill around Wednesday last week probably due to the sudden change of weather, plus the stress of having to deal with a number of things at home. I’ve been sleeping late these days but the good thing though is that I still get up around noon. I am still thankful that I am still able to keep my sleeping pattern “decent”. Sadly, during the time that I was sick, I wasn’t able to work on any articles or give feedback to any of the writers in the Writers’ Guild in, a group that I, along with another member established for those who aim to become a good writer. In fact, I got so many things on my plate these days that I haven’t submitted at least the first chapter of the story that a good friend of mine and I thought of, even though we already know what to put in the first ten chapters as well as the main outline of the plot.

The Week That Was...Once Again...

“The Writers’ Guild is a group that aims to help aspiring writers with all kinds of problems every writer faces.”

Just thinking about the things which needs to be done gets me anxious and stressed. But I am hoping to accomplish them at least this March. Since I was too lethargic to even do anything productive last week, thanks to me being sick, I decided to just stream some random anime. I remembered that I haven’t watched the final episode of Macross Frontier because the copy that we have at home at that time didn’t have a functioning last episode. After I was done with the last episode, I decided to check another one: Durarara. The premise of the story starts with a young boy, Mikado Ryugamine who desires to have an exciting life. He moved to Ikebukuro, being invited by his childhood friend Masaomi Kida to attend the same school that he attends. Here, the main protagonist encounters a local legend “Black Rider”, someone who rides his motorbike like it was a horse and has rumors of having no head.

The Week That Was...Once Again...


I tried watching at least three episodes while checking another anime at the same time entitled Shiki. However, in the end, Shiki won out and I closed the already loaded episode three of Durarara and just watched Shiki moving forward. And I can say that Shiki is one of the best horror, occult and mystery anime that I was able to watch. I’ll probably be writing a review of the said anime sometime soon. But for the meantime, I’ll leave it with the above impression. As of the moment, I am feeling much better and have accomplished the online tasks which I was assigned to do. Though the previous week almost massacred me in a number of ways, this week so far is proving better. I just hope that things will become better than worse in the following days to come.

The Week That Was...Once Again...


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