Tips When Buying A Lighter

These days, you can see a lot of variations of lighters being sold in stores. If you are planning to purchase a lighter anytime soon, make sure that you consider the following:

Flame: Most cigarette smokers prefer a torch flame lighter which generates a jet flame as compared to the conventional soft flame. The reason for this is that when you often smoke outdoors, gust of winds can easily blow out the fire which can make it difficult for you to light your cigarette especially during the colder months. But then again, if you are smoking indoors most of the time then you can always opt for the simple one.

Disposable Bic Lighters: This lighters work well especially if you are someone who often travels a lot by plane since this is not allowed when boarding a plane. If you prefer a softer flame then it is important that you pick one which runs on butane gas than the usual liquid naptha. The good thing with a butane gas run lighter is that it does not infuse a good quality cigar with any weird taste.

Dual-Flames: Some cigars can be so thick that lighting them up with a single torch lighter can take time. However, dual torch lighters significantly reduce that time. But if you are someone who just wants the best little cigars then you need not opt for this.

Always consider these factors when purchasing a lighter especially if you are purchasing this as a gift for someone.

Common Sound Pedals You Need To Know

Guitar pedals are necessary if you want to get the most out of your electric guitar. It is important that you are familiar with the following guitar pedals:

Wah: The best thing about a wah pedal is that by pressing the wah pedal back and forth, you can simulate the human voice. This is usually used to create an extra when you are doing a guitar solo.

Delay:  This pedal allows the guitarist to sustain the sound that his or her guitar is generating. You are also free to set the delay and can even choose to lengthen it or shorten it depending on your needs.

Flanger: A flanger is able to combine to sounds to create a fading or rippling sound. This is often utilized to create sound effects when you are playing clean or if you are taking advantage of some minor distortion effects.

Chorus: If you are looking for a stereo effect then you need a chorus. This gives the audio-effect as if there is more than one guitar playing and helps in thickening the sound generated by your guitar.

Keep in mind that when you are looking to purchase a guitar pedal for your Gibson es 335, you have the option of buying a pedal which is focused on one particular sound and a digital effects board that offers multiple sound options. If you want something more concentrated, then go for a dedicated guitar pedal otherwise you can check out a multiple sound effect board.

Soundproofing Your Studio

Having a recording studio is cool however it is also important that you are considerate to those around you. And for this reason, it is important that you are able to effectively soundproof your studio to keep the music down. Some ways that you can utilize when soundproofing your studio would be:

  • Egg Crate Panels: This is one of most common way of soundproofing your studio. You can use egg cardboard crates and line up across the walls of your studio. However, there are some who do not recommend using egg crates because they are not effective and may even tend to enhance the sounds rather than keep them in.
  • Foam Rubber Panels: These are often designed to look like egg crates and can also be used to cover the walls and ceilings of your studio. The drawback though with these studio foam is that they are flammable and they easily get worn out.
  • Carpet Panels: Keep in mind that this depends on what carpet you are using as a soundproofing tool. Most of the time thick carpets are the ones that make the cut since they are more absorbent of sounds and can also reduce echoes.

If your neighbors do not mind listening to a lot of loud music then you do not necessarily have to worry about soundproofing your studio. However, that will be an unlikely case.