I alone tread this path
A dark path that few undertake
With what is left of me
Towards the wastelands where the shadows lie

Though I seek shelter
But I can find none
I drank the last drop of my water
And stride forward to the barren realm

As I step my foot unto the land
The dreary soil seems to welcome me
Although I am offered no comfort
I felt this joy within me*

As I continue deep within the land
A chilling breeze embraced my arrival
I wrapped myself with my ragged cloth
To warm my journey-wearied body**

I ventured further into the unknown
Where no being dared to venture
The heart of shadows, den of uncertainty
Pit of those who are lost, and realm of Illusions

Now I stand at this empty space
Then removed my ragged cloak
And I opened my arms wide and waited
As I waited, I saw it then smiled

(Author’s Notes: the phrase marked with * was originally “I felt a joy inside me” and the phrase marked with ** was originally written as “To warm my journey-worn body”)

My Girlfriend Is A BC Blogger!

Because my girlfriend set this up for me, I’m taking her advice when she told me I must join the BC bloggers. Oh, a guy joining that group of amazonas? So gay! Kidding. I really want to be part of a group recommended by my beloved especially that she’s a certified busy blogger.

Calling all bloggers who want to gain friends in the blogosphere and build links at the same time – BC Bloggers 3 is now open. To join just visit Mommy Diary, read the requirements, and fill out the Application Form.

Enough of second thoughts, join now!

Hello world!

I’m online!

– update to follow

Blessed Be…

It was sunrise when he came
Riding his glorious steed
With that stern look on his face
A witness to many great battles

He wears a white cape
Embroidered with sigils and jewels
And emblazoned with
Symbols from ages long past gone

He drops off from his mount
And brushes the mane
Of his long time comrade
A valiant and loyal steed

He stands with the air of dignity
Radiant and unwavering
Filled with the heaven’s grace and divinity
A stalwart soul of holy might

Hanging beside his belt
Is a weapon sheathed and sanctified
By the high lords themselves
A weapon that has laid waste to evil

He has come at long last
He who is an epitome of
Truth and Justice manifest
He, who is borne of purity and righteousness,
Behold, the legend of the Paladin

(Author’s Notes: This poem has undergone a complete revision as seen fit by the author with the original being kept in writing)

Let’s Ride the Wind!

Can you feel the breeze?
Ah, so soothing and serene
The sky, so blue and bright
I want to hold you tight girl!

Let me share this dream with you
Here, take my hand
I want to fly with you to the vast horizon
Come, let us ride the wind!

You stand atop the cliff
And stare afar unto the land
Looking forward to the promises
Promises, the land has to offer

But whatever lies far beyond
Will remain hidden lest we grasp it now!
Do not fear what lies out there
I’ll always be with you so let’s ride the wind!*
Even if the winds are against us
We must stand tall and straight
Let’s force destiny to hear us
And deny our darkest fate

Even if the shadows will befall us**
I will keep you in my bosom forever
And never will I let you go
For it’s never the end, let’s ride the wind!

(Author’s Notes: The phrase with the * originally was “I am with you, let’s ride the wind!” The phrase marked with a ** on the other hand was originally “Even if the shadows befall on us”.)

I need your love

I need your love!
Ah, never will I leave you
Forever, I’ll stay beside you
Tonight, let’s sit together by the fire

Tomorrow is never the same
Without you, I feel alone
I don’t want to feel alone again
Please, give me your love!

Allow me to love you
Allow me to embrace you
To you, I offer, my everlasting love
Just love me, at least for one more time

Ah, let’s share this dream
Let’s live and go forth
Let’s hold hands so tight
So please, give me your love!

Simple Things…

A simple kiss does not necessarily
Mean love or affection
It may be a different meaning to you
It’s just a matter of how you perceive it

A simple touch does not have to be
Harsh or gentle to someone
It can either be caressing or punishing*
Depending on how it was done
So as the words I’ve said just now
You don’t need to trust my speech
Neither do you need to heed it
It is just a matter of how
You comprehend everything

(Author’s Note: the word with the * used to be “restraining” but the author decided that it would be more relevant to use the word “punishing” rather than “restraining”)

Fighting One’s Own Battle

What sorrow has befallen?
Everything was cursed-stricken and sudden
Now, my life has been shaken
Everyone has gone and left me forsaken

But depressing as it may be
I must continue to strive for thee
‘Coz I won’t allow anyone to get
My prized treasure don’t you forget

If push comes to shove
And war is the only way to resolve
Never will I shy away
To war, I’ll flash like daybreak to the fray!

Even if lady luck is not by my side
Do not give a damn I’ll still go forth and stride
For one thing I will make certain
Not a single rival will remain


I tried to befriend you
But you did not allow me to
I tried to be close to you
But you did not allow me you

I tried to cheer you up
But you did not allow me to
I tried to be near your heart
But still, you did not allow me to

But when I tried to die for you
You simply said “Thanks”, and allowed me to….