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Journey into Nyx Standard Spoiler Season: Iroas, God of Victory

A few days ago, I was speculating what kind of abilities the new gods from Journey into Nyx would have. I initially imagined that Iroas, the red white god would have an ability which would grant creatures you control first strike or maybe even haste. Suffice to say, my guess was very far off from […]

Standard Journey to Nyx Spoiler Season: Hall of Triumph

It’s the first week of Journey to Nyx’s spoiler season and boy did we get a treat from the first batch of cards that were spoiled. A lot of people were excited to see this the first time it was spoiled, me included, and one of the first things that people realized is that this […]

Modern Price Trends and Observations as of March 5th, 2014

It’s just a couple of days before the most anticipated event takes place this weekend which is Grand Prix Richmond and it’s highly likely that it would be a grand event. With almost 3000 players already registered as of March 4th, have decided to put an attendance cap to it of up to 5000 […]

Modern Movements

It’s already been a couple of days since the conclusion of Pro-tour Born of the Gods in Valencia, Spain and I was supposed to write a report about it in the financial aspect but I had to accomplish some important tasks first. A lot of people are wondering why even though no copies of Bitterblossom […]

Faerie Rising Updates And Other Price Trends

I’ve been following the price trend of most of the faerie archetype’s pieces and I am not surprised at how much the price went up in just a couple of weeks since I posted this article. Perhaps, the biggest contributing factor for this would likely be the upcoming PT Born of the Gods Valencia that […]


Supreme Verdict: Tokyo Ravens

We’re back in another episode of Supreme Verdict wherein I share my general impression and thoughts about an anime that I just finished watching. There has been a couple of anime titles that has recently ended and a few more that will end in the weeks to come so I am taking this opportunity to […]

First Impressions: Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku no Zvezda

It took me a while before I was able to get around into completely watching the first episode of this anime. I attempted to watch the first episode a month ago or so if I remember correctly but thanks to me being fickle-minded, I was unable to finish the first episode (though the truth was […]

Supreme Verdict: Bayonetta: Bloody Fate

The first time I saw this title posted on the anime updates list on the homepage of otakustreamers got me excited because I am very familiar with the game. I used to play this game a couple of times at a friend’s place a long time back and always get a kick out of playing […]

Supreme Verdict: Kakumeiki Valvrave

Starting today, I will be writing about my overall review of different anime titles that I was able to finish watching. And the first title that I want to discuss extensively would be Kakumeiki Valvrave however before I go any further, be advised that this particular article will contain spoilers and if you haven’t watched […]

First Impressions: Kakumeiki Valvrave

I am not really much of a fan of anime which involves politics, wars and or mechs in short; I am not a fan of any Gundam-esque anime. To be fair, I did enjoy most of the Gundam series that I’ve watched in my lifetime with Gundam Wing being the first of them, followed by […]

First Impressions: Nobunaga the Fool

What I like about the Japanese is their ability to make an anime out of any particular topic may it be about mangaka or manga artists, sports (you name it, there’s likely an anime for it), cars, agriculture and even famous historical personalities. And the thing is that the plot of the anime is interesting […]

First Impressions: Noragami

Noragami is about a god named Yato who seems to live a life of a drifter. He desperately looks for people whom he could provide his services to in exchanging for getting a five yen donation from them which he saves up in the hopes of eventually establishing his own shrine. One day, while undertaking […]

First Impressions: Space Dandy

This is one of those newly released anime that I usually see getting uploaded in the sidebar of the Otakustreamers home page on a weekly basis (or so I think it is) and it was purely just because of curiosity that I found myself checking the synopsis of this anime. It was only until recently […]

Putting On The Panty And Stockings

This anime was recommended to me by a good friend a long time back and if my memory serves me right, I wasn’t a member of Otakustreamers yet at that time. When my friend told me that the artwork of the anime was reminiscent to the American animation series Power Puff Girls, I gave my […]

First Impressions: Samurai Flamenco

I discovered this anime back when some people in a forum I’ve been hanging out at posted screenshots and images of scenes from this anime. But what made me more interested to watch it was the conversation in one particular scenario which talks about the existence of real superheroes in the real world. If I […]



The empty wine glass fell On the polished marble floor Spilling dreams of crimson and ebony Shattering into countless reflections of the future Chasing a promise blown away By the cruel wind of tomorrow Drifting aimlessly into oblivion Tears fall from eyeless ivory masks Calling out the forgotten name In this endless twilight of longing […]

Scattered Faith and Fates

Stormy winds blow scattering faith Breaking vases of promises Evaporating into the empty skies Countless queries sealed in rotting coffins Faceless children run on black sands Leaving no foot prints except blood Trickling from their eyeless visage No mouth nor voice to cry out their anguish Ebony wings spread soaring high Crimson eyes watch the […]

Wake Up To A Bluer Sky

Child, why do you shed tears? Look up to the clear skies The battle may have been lost But the war will be won Have faith in the heavens And reinforce your beating heart With the strength of your comrades Listen to their call to victory Look below you, yes, look A white rose blooms […]

Under The Raven’s Watch

The raven watches the god forsaken world Perched on the branch of the tree of the dead With jade eyes and wings as black as the void of the universe It patiently waits for spoils of men’s wars It watches as men devour each other For earthly matters like wealth, power and love Awaiting for […]

Raven’s Verse I

As the star fell from the grace of heavens The land below trembled and despaired As it touched the barren wastelands It gave birth to the sins of man Close thine eyes god of this world Let mankind drown in blood and sorrow Until the world bleeds dry Then only will you open your eyes […]

Happy Valentines Day Lizzie! <3

Just want to take this opportunity to show how much I love you Liz! I hope you like it! L-ive with me forever my darling I-‘ll never let your hand go E-ven if the worlds be torn asunder Z-ealous efforts are only for you alone L-izzie, my one and only Happy Valentines! I love you! […]

Far Away

A cool breeze blows upon your face While you look at the sunset Reminiscing of joyful memories Now buried in the past Your heart sadly longs for them But alas it can no longer be You turn away from the setting sun To return to the city you scorn You walk back the same path […]

Forsaken Dreamer

Chorus: Wishing for a dream that I know I would never have Clinging on, to a hope that the heavens won’t give Dreaming of this future that I know would never be Sitting beside you like we used to Verse: I lay on my bed haunted by long lost memories Figments of a forgotten past […]


Chorus: Wherever I look I see your face When I think of you But you are nowhere to be seen I am lost and want to hold you once again And feel you Though the winter may fall eternally I would go as far as life goes And even if fate won’t let me touch […]

A Foretelling

Clear water flows quietly As time passes by so close To the arrival of fate’s Sealing hands to judge The unworthy souls who Wander about searching The land of pits and treasures Only but a few sees the truth The sunny days had passed And left the flowers abloom In it’s warm embrace As a […]

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